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Why Opt for Perfect Acoustic’s Acoustic Foam Panels?

When it comes to enhancing your space with acoustic foam, Perfect Acoustic stands out for its unparalleled quality and effectiveness. Each panel of our acoustic foam is crafted from superior, compressed foam featuring a substantial density ranging between 80-180 kg/m³. This high density not only ensures the product’s robustness and enduring quality but also heightens its capacity for sound absorption.

Superior Performance with Insulating Foam

Choosing Perfect Acoustic means investing in top-tier insulating foam that excels in dampening unwanted noises. The more dense the foam, the greater its ability to mute sounds, positioning Perfect Acoustic’s acoustic insulation foam as the foremost option available in today’s market.

Types of Insulating Foam: The Perfect Choice for Every Need

Board Insulation and Carpet Underlay: Mastering Sound and Thermal Insulation

Perfect Acoustic’s underlay for hardwood floors exemplifies the best in acoustic insulation foam. Fabricated from a material boasting a density of 200 kg/m³, it is offered in a variety of sizes to suit diverse requirements. This sound-insulating foam is not only optimal for floor insulation but, due to its substantial density, it excels in mitigating even the deeper sounds effectively.

board insulation
board insulation

Acoustic Foam Panel for Acoustic Wall Boards: The Universal Solution

This sound-insulating board has a density of 80 kg/m³, making it an ideal choice for acoustic wall boards. It’s specifically engineered for easy installation on walls using a separate adhesive, which is readily available to ensure a seamless setup.

Design Acoustic Foam: Where Elegance Meets Functionality

Perfect Acoustic’s acoustic foam panel is not only a stylish choice but also a practical one, with a density of 140 kg/m³. Available in various colors and sizes, these panels are perfect for wall mounting in areas where aesthetics are paramount. Despite its modest thickness of just 2 cm, this high-density material can absorb more sound than softer materials with a density of 20 kg/m³, making it exceptionally effective.

acoustic foam

Self-Adhesive Foams: The Hassle-Free Choice

These vibrant wall foam panels, equipped with self-adhesive backs, allow for straightforward installation. They are perfect for offices or living rooms, providing a quick and easy solution for anyone looking to enhance their space without the complications of traditional installation methods.

Pyramid-Shaped Sound-Absorbing Foam: Aesthetic and Practical

This sound-absorbing foam is designed with a unique pyramid shape and boasts a density of 80 kg/m³. Its self-adhesive back simplifies the installation process, making it ideal for immediate application. With its outstanding sound-insulating properties, this acoustic foam panel offers both functional benefits and a touch of design flair to any room.

insulating foam
insulating foam

Thermal Insulating Foam Wall Insulation: The Discreet But Effective Solution

This 1-2 cm thick wallpaper comes with a self-adhesive back and offers excellent sound and thermal insulation properties, making it highly regarded among thin thermal insulating materials.

Acoustic Foam: The Luxury Of Silence

Acoustic roll insulation enhances the tranquility in your space, converting noisy areas into zones of peaceful silence.

Sound-Insulating Foam Ideal Application Areas: Home, Office, Studio

The versatility of foam board insulation makes it a perfect fit for various settings. In the home bedroom, it ensures that tranquility prevails, essential for relaxation and rest. In the office conference room, it supports clear communication, vital for effective meetings. Lastly, in a music studio, isolation pads optimize sound quality by mitigating unwanted noise, ensuring every note is captured precisely as intended.

acoustic insulation foam
acoustic insulation foam

Shipping Information For Sound-Insulating Board: Fast, Reliable, And Risk-Free

In-Stock Products: Immediate Availability

Perfect Acoustic’s sound-insulating foam boards are always available, ensuring swift delivery within a few days. This prompt service allows customers to quickly access our premium quality products without delay.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee On Acoustic Insulation Foam: Safety And Reliability

We are proud to offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on all our products. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our acoustic pads or any other product, you can return them easily and reclaim your investment. This policy underscores our commitment to customer satisfaction and the reliability of our sound-dampening board.

acoustic foam panel
acoustic foam panel

Durable Materials For Sound-Insulating Foam: Damage-Free Shipping

One of the biggest advantages of Perfect Acoustic’s premium quality acoustic foam is that they are made from highly durable materials. This ensures they remain intact during shipping, allowing customers to order with complete peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Types Of 3D Acoustic Foam Panels Do You Offer?

We offer a variety of 3D acoustic foam panels suitable for both walls and ceilings. Our panels come in different sizes and classes, including standard and custom options.

How Do Acoustic Wall Boards Differ From Foam Cavity Wall Insulation?

Acoustic wall boards are generally used for soundproofing and aesthetics, while insulating foam for cavity walls is specifically designed for thermal insulation. Both are effective in reducing noise and maintaining temperature.

insulating foam
insulating foam

Can I Use Acoustic Roll Insulation For My Ceiling?

Yes, acoustic roll insulation is versatile and can be used for both walls and ceilings. It’s an excellent choice if you require both sound and thermal insulation properties.

What Is Foam Board Insulation And How Does It Differ From Acoustic Foam Panels?

Foam board insulation is generally thicker and primarily used for thermal insulation, while acoustic foam panels are more versatile, suitable for both sound and thermal insulation.

What Is A Sound-Dampening Board?

A sound-dampening board is designed to reduce noise levels and can be added to walls or ceilings. It’s distinct from sound-insulating foam, which is softer and mainly used for acoustic applications.

Is Closed Cell Foam Insulation Better Than 50 mm Insulation Board?

Closed cell foam insulation offers higher thermal resistance but may be more costly. A 50 mm acoustic insulation foam board is a standard option that provides effective thermal and sound insulation.

How Can I Find The Right Acoustic Insulation Foam For My Needs?

For the best guidance, visit our website for an online guide or contact our customer service via email for personalized advice. We offer various types of acoustic panels, including custom kits.

What Additional Services Does Your Company Offer?

We provide a range of services, including cutting the panels to size, fire safety treatments, and custom orders. For more details, please email our customer service.

sound-insulating foam
sound-insulating foam