Sound traps with diffuser- If a good look is important

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Sound traps: 108x64x23cm  weight: 18kg

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Properties of corner unit – sound traps with diffuser:

  • Our diffuser sound trap, our corner element, is one of the most important sound traps in a room, as most bass is in the corners. Corner handling is essential to achieving ideal acoustics.
  • It contains 90 kg / m3 of acoustic cotton placed in a rigid wooden structure inside our panels.
  • You can order it with extra dense 80kg/m3 Elitexa acoustic foam (additional cost)
  • Acoustic cotton is harmless to health.
  • Outside, dense acoustic silk, which also helps protect against dusting.
  • Diffuser front made of high quality, hard, laminated, compressed wood. Usually 3 mm thick. The irregular surface of the diffuser covers the entire bandwidth, resulting in smooth, clean acoustics.
  • Sound trap and corner elements are needed in rooms or studios where they cannot cope with deep sounds.

Colours and patterns of panels and fronts:

  • With 16 different silk colours
  • diffuser fronts are available in 8 colours and 4 patterns
  • a combination of these can also be ordered


It can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth! Silk does not lose its colour and elasticity.

When choosing a colour, keep practicality in mind. Many people order acoustic silk /material in white or off-white, but keeping these colours clean requires more care as it gets dirty more easily. Our sound traps can be wiped with a damp cloth but white or off-white materials will become dusty and stained after a while.

How are Diffuser sound traps better than other products?

The most important goal of the diffuser corner sound trap is to attenuate as little treble as possible while absorbing deeper sounds in higher than average amounts.
Hard wall louvres are more effective in attenuating deep tone than broadband acoustic panels.
In addition to sound absorption, it also has a very good property, namely the diffusion-scattering of tone.
The diffuser corner sound trap elements effectively destroy excessive depths from 40 Hz, while absorbing less treble from 600 Hz upwards and more depths from 300 Hz downwards at higher frequencies compared to classic acoustic panels.

Diffuser sound trap, corner element, sound absorbing properties:

It attenuates unwanted sound waves as low as 40 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

All our products are constantly measured and tested.

sound panel with diffuser corner

Sound traps audibility

We try to keep the diffuser front in stock in all sizes, patterns and colours.

Preparation time is usually about 1-2 weeks. We pack our panels carefully.

Quality material and production process:

Sound traps designed and manufactured by Perfect Acoustic are made of high-quality materials. We do not use acoustic sponges, acoustic foam and other poor-quality light materials and skip unusable egg holders. The general foam, which is 20-30kg/m3 in density, cannot absorb deep sounds. In our range, we offer the extra high-density 80kg/m3 Elitexa acoustic foam, which due to its extra high density can also absorb deep sounds.It is important to keep in mind that such quality and efficiency cannot be created at home. Our professional team puts each product together by hand. It is then declared a finished product after quality control that meets the most stringent requirements. All our products have the best soundproofing ability.

Finished products for domestic (Hungarian) customers:

We pack the lower part of the panels in hard cardboard. The top is then wrapped in a dust-free vacuum film.

If anyone requests by mail or goes abroad:

In this case, if the customer does not request a custom size, it will be placed in a dedicated factory box. Inside the box, there are also 6 more layers of packaging material around the ordered product. This prevents external influences and injuries.

bass traps

The sound quality needs to be improved!

Perfect Acoustic’s main goal is to create an even tone. To bring the deeper frequency on an equal footing with the treble frequency, sound traps must be used. The panels they sell consist only of dense and heavy structures and absorbent materials. With this, we focus specifically on the deeper sounds. Sound traps also have several uses for materials. It depends on the size of the room, and the type of walls. Not to mention the size of the speakers.

Here comes the picture of the diffuser front sound traps. Because the diffuser front panel prevents most of the treble from passing through the panel, it can absorb less treble. This way we get a nicer, better and better musical instrument. The smaller our room, the bigger problems deep bases can cause. Therefore, it is advisable to use mostly diffuser or membrane corner elements in the corners. These are the best choice for acoustic treatments in the office, or studio.

Sound traps placement:

Corner sound traps were created specifically for the corners. In corners, the bass is multiplied, making bass attenuation most effective at this point.

Each corner element has a 45 ° broken side. This ensures easy and discreet placement. The thickness and size of the panels do not justify drilling. Just put it on the ground and stop firmly on your feet. Thanks to the hard 2 cm wooden structure, you can stack up to 3 corner elements on top of each other. Even so, it remains very stable and does not decide.

You will find legs at the bottom of each corner element  Unless you request by delivery. In this case, you will find the 5cm legs and the corresponding screws placed in the box. If you need more info related to orders, please contact our customer service.

Proprietà dell'unità angolare Trappola per bassi

The standard foot size is 5cm. But this size can be adjusted to your needs (so it can be any size). It depends on the edge of the parquet or stone in the room.

If you want to stack the panels, we recommend that there are no legs outside the bottom panel. This way, the panels can be placed on top of each other as required!

How do bass traps work?

In this section, we examine the operation of bass traps. Let’s see why it’s worth using and where it’s best placed !? The basics are simpler than you think. First, let’s start with the essential question:

Why is room treatment needed?

The room is an empty room with speakers. Due to the shape and size of the room, there will always be a dominant range. These ranges are called room highlighting. As long as the room is not ideally furnished,

  • furniture
  • with bass trap with absorbers
  • diffusers
  • until then, you will hear these high-priority frequencies.

No matter what the speaker is or how much your amp, your defiance cost, you will never hear the tone coming out of those structures. Only the sound of the room will dominate. An untreated room greatly affects what is heard, as it highlights and amplifies many frequencies and extinguishes or reduces them a lot. This will give you a completely uneven sound.

In studios, that’s the biggest reason we never get the music we want. Mixed music will sound different in every room. This is because we hear the frequencies highlighted by the room as bad and drag it down with the EQ. And the reduced frequencies are set higher because we hear them too little. So if you are taken elsewhere to listen, we will get an upset sound image. According to the returns and the reviews of the best pro audio experts, professional acoustic treatments significantly improve the acoustics of a room, such as an office. We offer many acoustic elements. According to our customers’ reviews, our sound traps are the best on the market.

Room acoustics in more detail:

Room or studio acoustics point a little further, at the level of sound pressure coming out of the speaker. I know, usually, with a microphone, everyone measures that. But take the example of a room’s dominant highlight, eg 80Hz. This frequency can usually be lured with a bass guitar. In this case, we will hear not only the direct sound coming out of the guitar but also the 80Hz echo reverberation. This reverberation can cause much stronger distortion and highlight than the sound pressure level coming directly from the guitar.

This is why the higher the absorption capacity of the room and the more diffused it will be the actual tone we will hear. According to the legal policies, the maximum permissible noise level during the day is 40 dB (6-22 hours), and at night: 30 dB.

Simply put:

You need room management to ensure accurate and even notes from the speakers to the listening position.

Now that we’ve determined why it’s important to manage room acoustics, we can move on to using sound traps.

Low frequencies always multiply along hard surfaces (walls) and corners. Let’s see how the bass trap works and where to use it most effectively.

How do sound traps work?

We get a lot of letters with this question, “How do bass traps work?” This is not magic, just physics!

Do you remember the physics you learned? If not, here’s a simple short detour on energy saving.

Energy no matter where it comes from. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy is constant, that is, it cannot be created or destroyed. Energy can only be changed to another state. In other words, it can change from a solid to a liquid and return, but the total amount of energy available in the system is constant. These changes have an observable effect on the way we experience the world. When you remove the heat from the water, it becomes ice. If we add some heat to the ice, it returns to a liquid state. Give it even more heat energy and it will turn into gas. The amount of energy has not changed, only it changed.

Think of the acoustics of the room as if it were the same concept as in another situation.

The movement of air slows down and becomes heat due to friction. When certain energy is converted into heat, the intensity and strength of the waves decrease. Rub your hands and get hot. The same principle is used for the movement of sound or air.

When you turn on the speakers, it creates air movement that fills every part of the room. In this case, sound traps or bass traps come into play. These sound traps are made of a material that can greatly slow down or stop the sound energy passing through them. The materials used by Perfect Acoustic contribute greatly to the absorption of this sound energy. Because it uses high-density fibrous acoustic cotton and high-density wood, the air passing through it slows down and is converted to heat. This greatly reduces or eliminates standing waves and reflections in the room.

If you can bring the reverberation time below a certain colour, the harmful highlight frequencies will be reduced and the muted or excessively reduced sounds will go up. This gives a linear sound.

Where should the corner elements be placed?

Always start in the corners.

Why put the sound trap in the corner?

Because most basses gather along the walls and get stuck in the corners because of the high pressure. Therefore, the highest sound pressure level is always in the corner. They can cause up to 20-30dB of highlighting. That’s why if your subwoofer or sub-box is small, it will be enough to put it in a corner in a larger room. So if we put a high-density sound traps in the corner, especially if we put more on top of each other, we can absorb the deep tones that have accumulated there.

In the studio – even in a home studio – the audio recording will only be perfect with the right acoustics. This is why it is necessary to take care of the acoustic treatment of the recording studios. Use only high-quality raw materials for this purpose. Avoid “DIY” methods!  Acoustic foam is not suitable for treatment. The structure of the foam is not able to absorb deep sounds. The general foam, which is 20-30kg/m3 in density, cannot absorb deep sounds. In our range, we offer the extra high-density 80kg/m3 Elitexa acoustic foam, which due to its extra high density can also absorb deep sounds. By placing corner sound traps elements, we can ensure optimal acoustics in the studio, at home or even in the office. Thanks to the aesthetic design, it fits easily into the interior of any studio or home. In our shop, you can find all the necessary sound traps in our offers.

Estimated/usual lead time is 2 weeks, but we will inform you of the expected completion date after you place your order.
Products can be manufactured with a tolerance of +-1cm.
There may be colour variations between 2 different orders, even if you ordered the same colour.

When ordering a custom size, the front panel is not made to measure, but cut to the pattern of the front panel.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Acoustic panel silk colour

1 white colour more expensive, 2 white colour more expensive, beige 5, black 36, camel 62, claret 46, dark brown 8, dark gray 53, green 69, king blue 31, light blue 30, light brown 52, light gray 33, middle gray 34, oil color 55, red 25

Diffuser panel color

cream, mahogany, tobacco oak, dark oak, light oak, white

Diffuser panel pattern

barred, circled, striped, wavy

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