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Our handmade panels have been on the market since 2006..

Our handmade panels and diffusers are made exclusively from premium quality materials.

Shop with us and experience perfect sound with the highest quality products!


Our commitment to the future. With our products, you are not only improving your sound experience but also supporting a healthier planet!


Quality is the fundamental element of our work. Choose our products and feel the difference that truly high quality can make!

Domestic production

Our heart and soul resides in our products. With our products shipped all over Europe, you can bring a piece of our passion-filled work into your home!


Sound absorption and noise reduction – this is our specialty. Join us and discover how we can transform your sound experience!

We developed our products exactly for this purpose. Choose quality for the best sound experience!

We are here for you – your acoustic partner!

Experiences with Perfect Acoustic products

Opinion on wide-band acoustic panels equipped with diffuser
Wow, these acoustic panels are really good! My studio has never sounded this great. Premium quality, great look – excellent investment!
Kovács Áron
Opinion on sound absorbing carpets
Buying acoustic carpets was a really good decision. They had a big impact on improving the sound in my room. The material and workmanship are of high quality. I recommend them.
Jan Novák
Review of the Forio insulating curtain
This sound-absorbing curtain is wonderful! Not only does it look great in my apartment, but it effectively retains heat and helps keep the cold out. It’s not only energy-efficient, but stylish too! I’m very satisfied with it.
Mary Stephen