Acoustic wall panels with diffuser-With wavy pattern diffuser front

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Size: 130x64x11cm 11kg, Size: 104x64x11cm 9kg, Size: 104x64x6cm 7kg…

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Size: 130x64x11cm  weight: 11kg

Size: 104x64x11cm  weight: 9kg

Size: 104x64x6cm  weight: 7kg

Size: 64x54x6cm  weight: 4kg

Introduction to acoustic wall panels

Acoustic panels are a crucial component in achieving crystal-clear sound quality in any interior environment. These panels are engineered with a core of acoustic cotton or an optional, more robust 80kg/m3 Elitexa acoustic foam for an additional fee. Encased within a sturdy wooden frame, each panel is also sheathed in a layer of dense acoustic silk, ensuring the longevity and protection of the product. The front, crafted from laminated wood, not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also seamlessly integrates into both home and professional settings.

internal structure of acoustic panels

Detailed Features of Acoustic wall panels

Our acoustic panels stand out by incorporating 90kg/m3 of health-safe acoustic cotton, tightly packed within a durable wooden frame for optimal sound absorption. To amplify protection against dust, a layer of dense acoustic silk envelops the exterior. The finishing touch, a front panel made from compressed wood, is designed for both functionality and style.

Perfect Acoustic is your gateway to a wide palette of colors and patterns, enabling you to customize the appearance of your acoustic panels. Whether it’s choosing the front color or pattern, we not only excel in craftsmanship but also bring your vision to life. Embrace the opportunity to design your spreader element and witness how Perfect Acoustic transforms your acoustic solution into a piece of art that stands out in both performance and design.

There are 16 different silk colourcolors

  • Scatterer fronts in 8 different colours with 4 different patterns
  • We are also at your disposal to design a combination of these on demand
  • Keeping is extremely easy and requires no special tools or methods.
  • Therefore, wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient.

Stacking the panels

Join two or even three panels together to create an acoustic wall. The rail allows them to be joined together stably without falling apart. Fit the rails together and slide them into place. The rails are available in several colours. It is advisable to ask for the bottom panel with feet, in this case the acoustic wall cannot fall. It is recommended to use panels in places where they cannot be drilled into the wall, for example:

  • sub-let: where it is not possible to drill the wall
  • office: where tables are separated by an acoustic wall
  • studio: behind high speakers, or as a movable wall around singers or between musicians

Foldable wooden feet are also available on request

Available with wooden frame, natural pine color.

Hooking up panels:
Add to panel:

Hooks must be ordered separately. 4 hooks per set. In this case we drill 4 sides of the panel.

Why Opt for Acoustic Paneling?

Determining the necessity for acoustic paneling hinges on both the intended use and your unique preferences. At Perfect Acoustic, we pride ourselves on assisting clients through the design phase, ensuring they select the optimal product mix tailored to their specific needs. Leveraging years of industry experience and ongoing professional development, we guarantee unparalleled quality and expertise at competitive prices.

Versatility of Acoustic Panels

Acoustic solutions typically fall into two categories: diffusers that scatter sound, and absorbers that mitigate sound. Our offerings provide a dual-function solution, embodying both qualities for comprehensive acoustic management. The spreader panels play a pivotal role in enhancing the auditory experience across a diverse array of sound materials and recordings, making them an indispensable addition to any space concerned with sound clarity.

Perfect Acoustic’s approach combines functionality with customization, inviting you to infuse your personal style into our high-performing acoustic panels. Elevate your space with the dual benefits of sound diffusion and absorption, all while ensuring it aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

Discover the Excellence of Perfect Acoustic Panels

At Perfect Acoustic, our commitment to quality has propelled our products across 27 European countries, establishing us as a leader in the acoustic panel market. Our diffusion acoustic panels are celebrated for their robust construction, exemplary quality, and exceptional efficiency, all available at an affordable price. Designed for versatility, our panels are ideal for enhancing surround sound experiences, whether for professional settings or audiophile enjoyment.

Unmatched Acoustic Performance

Each handcrafted acoustic element is engineered to optimize sound reflection distribution within any space, thereby improving sound perception in various audio and music environments. Our panels, equipped with diffusers, are tailored to deliver a precise and pleasant listening experience, enhancing detail and providing a comprehensive surround effect. They effectively minimize standing waves, thus refining the acoustic quality of the room and making individual frequencies stand out. This precision makes them perfect for use in studios, recording and control rooms, as well as cinema and hi-fi systems.

Thanks to their solid construction, our panels are not only durable but also easy to install on walls or ceilings.

Customization and Service

We aim to fulfill orders with a standard lead time of 2 weeks, and we keep you informed about the expected completion date once your order is placed. Our products are manufactured with a tolerance of ±1cm, ensuring precision in every piece. Please note that colour variations may occur between orders, even for the same color, due to the nature of our production process.

For those requiring a custom size, we tailor the front panel not by altering its design but by cutting it according to the established pattern, ensuring consistency in design and quality.

Choose Perfect Acoustic for your space and experience sound like never before.


Additional information

Weight N/A

2 pieces of 130x64x11cm, 104x64x11cm, 104x64x6cm, 130x64x11cm, 64x54x6cm

Acoustic panel silk colour

1 white colour more expensive, 2 white colour more expensive, 34 middle gray, 53 dark gray, beige 5, black 36, camel 62, claret 46, dark brown 8, green 69, king blue 31, light blue 30, light brown 52, light gray 33, oil color 55, red 25

Diffuser panel color

cream, mahogany, tobacco oak, dark oak, light oak, white

Diffuser panel pattern

barred, circled, striped, wavy


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