3D Sound absorbing panels – Size: 60x60x10cm 3kg

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Size: 60x60x10cm 3kg

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3D Sound absorbing panel’s features:

  • Panel: 90kg / m3 acoustic cotton is placed in a rigid wooden frame.
  • You can also order it with extra dense 80kg/m3 Elitexa acoustic foam (additional cost)
  • For ceiling installation, we do not recommend the use of sponge lining (it will not be aesthetically pleasing)
  • Exterior covered with dense acoustic silk. This fabric has anti-dusting properties.
  • The 3D acoustic panels are used not only for their high sound absorption and noise reduction capacities, but also for versatile design purposes.

Colours of acoustic panels:

Fabric colours
Fabric colours

You can even request a patterned cotton fabric:

When choosing colours, please note that white and off-white colours are unfortunately very sensitive colours! White panels can become dirty very quickly, so their durability is shorter than that of coloured or dark acoustic panels. If you prefer light colours but want to avoid dust deposits, you should choose silk in 33, 55 or darker colours. Of course, if you prefer white acoustic panels, that’s no problem for us!

Hooking up panels:
Add to panel:

Hooks must be ordered separately. 4 hooks per set. In this case we drill 4 sides of the panel.

Cleaning of acoustic panels:

Wipe it with a slightly damp cloth!

The colour of the acoustic panels does not fade, even for extended time of use. Nevertheless, do not expose panels to strong sunlight, exposure to sunlight (UV rays) may cause colour to fade.


Installation of acoustic panels

Fix the screws provided for the sound absorber panel into the pre-drilled holes on the back and hang the panel on the hook in the wall.

Hooks are not included to the 3D acoustic panels. These must be purchased separately. You can buy them at any tool store.

We do not include dowels, hooks or screws to the acoustic panels, as walls in homes are different, thus require different methods for mounting. Mounting may depend on the type of wall, ceiling and plaster!

  • plasterboard
  • concrete
  • brick walls

Be sure to fix the acoustic panels firmly on the wall or ceiling, because acoustic panels manufactured by Perfect Acoustic are made of high quality materials only, which are rather heavy. As a matter of fact, only heavy, high-density, fibrous materials can cope with bass sounds.

If possible do not place the 3D acoustic panels directly on the wall, keep a distance of few inches from the wall. The longer the distance between the wall and the panels, the greater the acoustic panels’ efficiency, further reducing echoes and deeper frequencies.

What kind of acoustic panels should we buy?

Primarily the essential acoustic membranes:

Which sound absorbing membrane category
Acoustic wall membranes category

If we wish to spend a little more to improve the acoustics of our room, then choose acoustic diffusers :

acoustic diffuser category
acoustic diffuser category

Why do we need broadband panel?

Broadband acoustic panels are needed in rooms where the reverberation time (echo) is higher than the reference value.
In most cases, we use these type of acoustic panels because of their versatility and applicability, furthermore, these panels are able to damp unwanted sound waves up to 40-20,000Hz.

Why are our sound panels better than those of other manufacturers?

Perfect Acoustic takes great pride in selecting quality materials. Our acoustic panels are manufactured using the best sound absorption materials. We do not use poor quality materials such as sponge, styrofoam, xps, polyester foam, etc to reduce manufacturing costs; this is not our company’s policy.The general foam, which is 20-30kg/m3 in density, cannot absorb deep sounds. In our range, we offer the extra high-density 80kg/m3 Elitexa acoustic foam, which due to its extra high density can also absorb deep sounds. In addition to efficiency, aesthetics was also a main consideration of ours when designing our products. The design of our high-quality acoustic panels made of wood reflects a contemporary artistic style.

And of course, home-made DIY acoustic panels usually proves to be useless, as they are completely unsuitable for even soundproofing. They do absorb a great deal sound frequencies above 600-800Hz, but that again creates a distorted and completely altered sound.

In contrast, our bass traps disrupts unwanted low frequencies from 40 Hz, giving you more detailed and controlled basses, while keeping the high tones airy, clear and spacious.

3D acoustic panel design:

3D acoustic wall panels help you to create a new artistic style for your studio or home.

These panels shall become the decorative furniture of your apartment.

You will find with us the most suitable item for your home, feel free to ask us for help.

Thanks to the 60x60cm square shape, acoustic panels can be rotated to provide you with  different looking design.

If illuminated by LED lights, shades can further enhance their relief. Try to mix the colours to create a fun and cozy space in your home!

Classic Broadband Acoustic Panels – Sound Absorption Features:

40 Hz to 20,000 Hz attenuates unwanted sound waves.

Acoustic measurement made with 104x64x11cm sound absorber


Acoustic elements are very rarely held in stock. However, there is an abundance of raw materials for every product. Therefore, we can produce you the selected items in a very short time, be they 3D acoustic wall panels, sound absorber membranes or acoustic diffusers. To order custom sizes, please contact us!

Manufacturing an acoustic panel takes usually 1-2 weeks! Commissions placed from Hungary have a shorter deadline as the products do not have to be packed, so the orders are completed sooner.

Avoid the “DIY” method

Avoid the “DIY” method and do not try to make wall panels in your home from materials that are unsuitable for sound insulation and absorption. Acoustic foam is not a good solution when it comes to acoustic treatment of your walls. Although foam is cheap and easy to buy, it wont serve sound absorption or insulation purposes. The general foam, which is 20-30kg/m3 in density, cannot absorb deep sounds. In our range, we offer the extra high-density 80kg/m3 Elitexa acoustic foam, which due to its extra high density can also absorb deep sounds.Soundproofing panels have another benefit: they are also great for thermal insulation purposes.

Panels acoustic solution

Most of the sounds gather along the walls and ceilings, creating reflections and standing waves. These waves have an adversely effect on the quality of audio recordings. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to perform the acoustic treatment of the ceiling and walls by placing acoustic wall panels. Standard building materials such as brick, concrete, tiles and metals do not have sound absorption abilities. Sound insulation is not only important for audio and hi-fi fans; adequate sound insulation is required to eliminate unwanted noises.

The ideal solution is to mount sound-absorbing wall panels to achieve outstanding sound absorption results thanks to high-quality wood materials. By treating critical surfaces you shall obtain the expected results. Wall panels can also be mounted on the ceiling as they perform very effectively there too. In studios and home cinemas, the absorption of too much bass sounds is the primary task during acoustic treatment. In sound recording studios, sound insulation and soundproofing panels guarantee impeccable sound performance. Sounds bounce right and left from the surface of metal, glass, tiles, or other materials with similar surfaces. The resulting echoes degrade the sound. Sound absorption and sound insulation also depend on the structure of the materials.



Additional information

Weight 6 kg

1 white colour more expensive, 2 white colour more expensive, with patterned fabric, beige 5, black 36, blue 30, camel 62, claret 46, dark brown 8, dark gray 53, green 69, king blue 31, light brown 52, light gray 33, middle gray 34, oil color 55, red 25



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    Absolutely the most attractive yet cost effective way to tighten up the sound of your recording studio or voiceover booth. Thanks

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