Bass absorber corner element 108x64x23cm

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Size: 108x64x23cm  Weight: 16kg

Properties of the Corner unit bass absorber:

We use non-toxic acoustic wool which is covered with high density acoustic velvet.
Every corner unit stands on 5cm feet..
It is not necessary to drill or fix them as they stand steadily on their feet due to their weight and width.
Inside their sturdy wood structure, the panels are filled with 90kg/m3 acoustic wool.

You can also order it with extra dense 80kg/m3 Elitexa acoustic foam (additional cost).

The acoustic wool has been developed especially for this purpose, therefore it is non-toxic.
The surface of the acoustic elements is covered with acoustic velvet which also protects against dust emission.
Broadband acoustic panels are needed in places where the reverberation time (echo) is higher than the reference level.

bass trap foot

Colours of our Bass traps:

In 16 different colours.

Fabric colours
Fabric colours

You can even request a patterned cotton fabric:


Wipe it with a slightly wet cloth.

In which areas does the Corner unit bass trap outperform other products?

We tried to create a Corner unit bass trap which can treat the entire bandwidth without overdamping the higher frequencies.
As it destroys the unwanted bass from 40Hz, we will hear more detailed and controlled bass, while higher frequencies will remain airier and more spacious.

Sound absorbing properties of acoustic panels:

They dampen the unwanted sound waves from 40Hz to 20,000Hz.
All our products are continuously measured and tested.

corner bass trapsound absorbing feature of corner unit bass trap

The acoustic panels are available in black.

Other colours and sizes are available on individual orders.
We can produce any size acoustic units in order to fit them easily into your home or studio.

The purpose of the corner unit bass trap is to control bass energy and to decrease the distortion of the bass in the studios, hi-fi and home theatre rooms.

Corner unit bass traps composition

The corner unit bass trap is filled with high density acoustic wool of 90kg/m3 surrounded by a heavy and dense 2cm thick wooden structure .
The combination of heavy weight and high density ensures optimal bass absorption in the corners.
The way the corner unit bass trap functions as a bass absorber is that it absorbs the random bass energy of all directions that tends to hit the corners and overload the room. And thereby, to destroy the acoustics of a room.
The attractive, 45-degree wedge shape allows easy positioning in the corner.

Placing a corner unit bass trap

The bass traps are equipped with 5cm high feet so that the units can be pushed into the corner even if there are parquet borders. You can order the feet in any size, and that will not change the total amount payable. The feet are to to units by 1 screw each, so it is easy to take them off in case you want to pile up several acoustic bass traps.

You can easily pile up the corner unit bass traps increasing thereby the bass absorption of the room. If the stack of units does not reach the the ceiling as there is no room for an additional standard unit, you can contact our expert who will be able to make a custom sized one to fit the gap.

You just simply place the corner units in the corner without screwing or fixing, and they will stand stably on their feet even if several units are piled up. Filling in the corners completely, they are perfectly suitable for professional studios or home theatres.


Perfect Acoustic sound absorbing panel in a tiny house studio (3)

The bass trap can be placed even on the table if we have a smaller room, or if there is a wall to wall studio table
Acoustic Absorber in Barabas villa-Bass absorber

Piled up bass traps producing significantly higher bass absorption.

The corner unit bass trap is especially functional as it is compact, therefore you can place it in almost any environment. Although there are facilities worldwide where people use the bass traps of PERFECT ACOUSTIC, these are the most efficient in smaller rooms and homes though where the acoustics could be only fixed later through a significant reconstruction.

The results with the corner unit bass absorbers of Perfect Acoustic.

As most of the bass tends to accumulates in the corners and then starting from there multiplies, it can produce huge peaks or extinctions of up to +-30dB. If you put the corner unit bass trap in the corners, the accumulated bass will be absorbed or will significantly decrease, so the resulting standing waves will cease or decrease, and the dips or peaks will smooth out:

acoustic measurement sound pressure valueacoustic measurement sound pressure value

You can see that the dip below 90Hz completely destroys the low frequency thus we receive only dull and undynamic bass, while the room growls and buzzes from the huge bass reverberation.

acoustic measurement sound pressure valueacoustic measurement sound pressure value

Here you can see how the sound pressure curve will be smoothed with a bass trap and the part below 90Hz goes higher and shows the details, dynamics and space in the bass. In this case, the reverberation will significantly decrease, too. The more corner unit bass traps you place in a room, the better you can control and smooth out the lower frequencies.

The bass traps of Perfect Acoustic are not to be mistaken for poor quality materials of other companies such as light structure or maybe light density absorbing materials or foam, styrofoam. The general foam, which is 20-30kg/m3 in density, cannot absorb deep sounds. In our range, we offer the extra high-density 80kg/m3 Elitexa acoustic foam, which due to its extra high density can also absorb deep sounds.

Corner unit bass traps


Should we put these corner units only into the corners?

Yes, due to their design, we place them specifically in the corners. We could place them elsewhere, but it would look weird.

Don’t these heavy bass traps break when piled up?

It is true that they are very heavy, but their absorbing material is covered by a very hard and strong wooden structure, therefore we can pile up even 3 bass traps without any problem.

Should we mount the corner unit bass traps on the wall or how we should fix them so that they do not fall?

The bass traps of Perfect Acoustic are heavy, very rigid and they cannot fall due to their shape and size. Even if 2-3 units are piled up.

What to do if there is a parquet border along the corners, so we cannot push the corner unit completely into the corner?

That is why we designed each corner unit with 5cm high strong wooden feet. You can order the feet in any size that fits your demand.

If the corner units are equipped with feet how can we pile them up so that it would not be visible that they are individual panels?

The feet of each bass trap are fixed with 1 thick screw which you can remove with a Phillips screwdriver in a minute. So, you can construct a continuous series of panels in the corner.

Why is it not sufficient if we turn across a broadband panel in the corner, wouldn’t it have the same effect?

Of course, this method is not bad, in fact it is cheaper. But from efficiency point of view, it cannot produce the same sound absorbing capacity as a corner unit bass trap. Because there is significantly more absorbing material within the corner unit.

If I Want To Pile Up Several Bass Traps But There Is No Room Because Of The Ceiling, Could You Make A Smaller Or Even Custom Size Unit?

Yes, of course, if this is the case, you just have to specify the desired height and we will produce exactly that size. Do not calculate it very precisely, just order a 1-2 cm shorter unit to avoid that it will not fit to the tortuosity of the wall or the floor.

Is it possible for you to produce corner units smaller in width as well as smaller in height?

Yes, we can make them in any width, but you should bear in mind that if you order a too narrow one, it will lose its effectiveness. In this case, if there isn’t enough space, it is advisable to order a Cube bass trap in the corner because it contains twice as much absorbing material due to its square shape, thus its sound absorption capacity is doubled.

I Cannot Decide Which Sound Absorber To Place Into The Room First. The Broadband Or The Corner Unit?

It depends on several factors. If you, just like everyone else, have problems with the bass, you should start with the bass trap. If you only want to dampen the echo in the office, for example, or in a living room or in a workplace, you should use some type of broadband acoustic panels.

Is the type of cover also relevant for the bass traps? Does it make sense to use a diffuser face plate or a membrane for them?

Yes, of course. It depends a lot on the acoustics of the room, but if you wish to put, for example, a diffuser face plate on the bass trap for decoration purposes, you will not do anything wrong, what’s more, the diffuser face plate will increase its efficiency even more. Or you can decorate it with aphoto of your choice:you can choose one from our website or bring your own as well.

If you feel your room to sounds slightly dull but rumbling, it is recommended to consider a wooden or a leather membrane.

What Kind Of Sounding Can I Expect If I Place It In My Room?

The bass will be captured immediately. The more units you put into the room the calmer the space will be, the rumbling of low frequencies will cease, the details of low frequencies will emerge, high frequencies will be much cleaner and with more sense of space because the significantly more basses that existed so far do not repress them anymore, therefore you will feel a huge benefit in the details. As the needless bass reverberation disappears, we can increase the volume without the sound being offensive or disturbing.

Can I use the bass trap for sound proofing?

These products are not suitable for sound proofing. A different structural design must be performed in the room for this purpose. But if you wish that your neighbours or your family heard less of your music, it will fit perfectly for this purpose. As it has high sound absorbing capacity in the full bandwidth, mainly in the lower frequencies, therefore by absorbing the sound it can achieve a volume decrease of up to 15-20dB in the other room.

Is the sound absorbing material inside the corner unit bass trap harmful to health? Can it get out from the acoustic panel?

The acoustic wool we use has been developed especially for this purpose, and it is absolutely harmless for the health, and it can be said not only about the bass traps but also about each of our sound absorbing acoustic panels. In order to eliminate the risk of dust emission each of our acoustic panel contains a dust emission inhibitor, and in addition, we also use high density acoustic velvet the gaps of which barely let the sunshine through.


Additional information

Weight 20 kg

1 white colour more expensive, 2 white colour more expensive, with patterned fabric, beige 5, black 36, blue 30, camel 62, claret 46, dark brown 8, dark gray 53, green 69, king blue 31, light brown 52, light gray 33, middle gray 34, oil color 55, red 25



6 reviews for Bass absorber corner element 108x64x23cm

  1. Adam

    The best

  2. Simon

    It is neatly crafted and it absorbs the bass very well! I have placed two on top of each other! It looks good and does not need so much space like cubically shaped absorbers. Together with two diffusers (two in one) at the back wall of the room, the bass and the echo are much better now! Recommended!

  3. tibi

    Ever since I used the bass sound absorbers, the sound problem in my room has completely disappeared.

  4. Anthony

    Deep sounds are less distracting and there are no unpleasant echoes or resonances. The whole musical experience is much clearer and more balanced, and I can get more immersed in the atmosphere while watching the film.

  5. Lars

    Thank you very much for the bass traps, they arrived in perfect condition and everything looks and sounds great. Well done!

  6. Harry

    Unfortunately, there were problems with the bass in the bedroom, so the filming was very bad. In addition, the room was terribly reverberant. I also placed a total of 4 bass traps in two corners, two on top of each other. I also put diffuser front panels on the wall, 2 per wall. The bass sounds were much more pleasant and clearer, the room felt much better and the annoying echoes were gone. I am extremely satisfied with the products.

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