Acoustic measurement packages

We perform acoustic planning and measurement before your purchase to assure that you only buy those acoustic panels which you need to get the perfect sound experience. We can achieve this in several ways.

Online acoustic planning

Our most favourable package in terms of the price.
No call-out charges
Distance is not a problem

You can order a “Free” Online Acoustic Measurement here!

Measurement is 16 EUR without tax- but if you buy, we will deduct it from the amount of the product! So you will definitely order what you need!

Basic  measurements:

More detailed analysis
Chance to discuss tailor-made solutions and specific needs

A fee for the basic measurements: Euro 130 + call-out fee

Premium measurements:

Measurement and acoustic items can be tested and purchased on-site.
It includes the following services:
Assessment of the features of the room,
acoustic planning, measurement together with the acoustic items placed in the room based on the acoustic planning.

The fee for the premium Acoustic measurements: Euro 280 for the first two hours and Euro 55 for every commenced hour counting from the arrival till loading back of the panels.
A call-out fee of Euro 0,49/km is applied uniformly counted from Szigethalom to the location there and back.

pack for acoustic measurement (2)

The issue of which package should be recommended to whom often arises. Is it worth choosing the bigger package right away or is a smaller one sufficient?
How we are equipped with acoustic devices depends basically on our level of interest in sound – our passion – and our budget.

To those who just started getting to know this area or have recently bought a new home theatre system and want to achieve a better sound or are curious about what can be made out of an older device or maybe ask us for a solution for a specific acoustic problem, we usually recommend the online or the basic package.

However, acoustics is usually addictive to interested people thus based on our experience many become returning customers over time. J
We recommend premium measurements to those who are well aware of the importance of acoustics and are ready to do the next step toward achieving the dream voice.

To those who are willing to buy and place the appropriate volume of acoustic panels to achieve the perfect sounding.

Online acoustic planning

It is worthwhile to choose our online acoustic planning package in the following cases:

  • if your home theatre room or living room is located at a greater distance from us,
  • if you are interested in acoustics, the construction of your audio system is in progress and you would like to have some acoustic panels in addition to the purchase of the devices.

To order the online acoustic planning package please send us a picture of the room where you want to place the acoustic items to the email address:

In the photos, the room must be visible wall-to-wall. Please take photos of each side of the room where the furniture and other items of home decoration should be placed as usual. So, we can design and draw the necessary panels considering these items.

Besides the photos we need the following details for the planning:

the size of the room: height, width, length,
type of the walls – what sort of materials are they made of, e.g. plasterboard, brick, concrete,
we do not need a plan for the room.

Based on the details and the information received from the photos we calculate the number of the necessary absorbers and diffusers with a computer program.

We send a written draft of the result of the online planning and the placement of the acoustic items and give a detailed explanation on the phone. We also make suggestions on how to lay out the proposed loudspeakers, the listener position and the furniture.

Basic measurements

Measurements are performed on-site. We can measure in detail the conditions of the room, its layout and the type of the walls. We can measure even essential data such as the reverberation time or the value of sound pressure of the loudspeakers.
Following the measurement, we calculate on-site what type and how many acoustic panels are needed to get the best sound experience possible with the performance of the existing audio system and the conditions of the room, using the acoustic items.
It is possible to consult on individual ideas such as the colours and materials of the panels or hidden solutions on site.

The basic measurement usually takes one hour depending on the conditions of the room.

To order the basic measurements package please contact us at the email address:

Premium measurements

Measurement is performed on-site with acoustic panels.
In the course of the measurement, we can completely identify the acoustic problems and offer a solution for them.

The outcome can be tested for real on-site equipped with acoustic panels.

The premium measurement usually takes two hours depending on the acoustics of the room.

To order the premium measurement package please contact us at the email address:
Please specify the exact size of the room in the email: height, width, length, and type of the walls – plasterboard, brick or concrete. Please send us photos where the room must be visible wall-to-wall if possible. Please take photos of each side of the room where the furniture and other items of home decoration should be placed as usual.

With the photos and details, we can identify and calculate the number and type of panels needed, before the start. We deliver these panels with a van to the location for premium measurement on the date agreed with the client and set up the necessary items in the room.

Hifi room measurement and construction (2)

Why is an on-site measurement with acoustic panels different?

On-site measurement for real in a room furnished with acoustic panels is part of the premium measurements package only.

 Sound test

 I identify the problems also by ear with a set of test music. This is my favourite music developed for testing the bass:

If you hear buzzing, growling bass while listening to music that means that the reverberation of the room cannot calm down quickly enough below 200Hz therefore you will hear a continuous growl. The other problem that may be noticed in these cases is if there is no drum with proper dynamics. Only a half-hearted chug can be heard. In such a case there will be a huge dip below 150Hz. The worst case is when these two couples.

What can we hear at the on-site measurement?

In the course of the premium measurement, we can test the intensity and phase of the arriving reflected sound, whether there is any reverberation or echo or other disturbing sound effects that may worsen the quality of the sound – in the room furnished according to the preliminary plans, within the hearing of the client, in the room where he/she the most frequently listens to music or watches the screen.

When we managed to identify the acoustic anomalies of the room and get the most out of it upon measurements, then the best part comes the listening. The customer can listen to his/her cherished system in an ideal acoustic ambience. In this case, the usual scene is the non-stop satisfied nodding of the customer together with a smile coming over his/her face.
Of course, the result always depends on the actual conditions of the room, but generally, our customers describe the changes produced by the acoustic treatment in the following way:

“Huge increase in spaciousness, cleaner sound.”
“Extremely sharp positioning of instruments.”
“The sound stage in front of us was flat before, but now it is surrounding us.” It’s like sitting among the musicians”
“The buzzing of the bass has gone, the bass became fast, detailed and dynamic”
I discovered new details in the sound and new instruments became obvious on my well-known records.

Noise reduction is one of the important results.

Do I need to purchase the panels which were placed during the measurement?

When the acoustic units are placed, we measure continuously the acoustic characteristics of the room. By this, the customer can follow the effectiveness of the acoustic panels and the improvement in the acoustics of the room.

The measurement can be stopped at any time if the customer is satisfied with the improvement in sound quality thus far, does not want to place more acoustic panels in the room or does not want to exceed the two-hour time frame included in the base package.

If we wish to enjoy the perfect sound immediately then it is worth considering purchasing all those acoustic panels by which we managed to achieve it in the given room.
Of course, it is possible to buy fewer panels at once and expand the assortment further later on. In case of a compromise solution, we cut back the volume of the panels by the order of their importance.

bass absorber on the table


If you decide to purchase further acoustic panels, later on, we can only guarantee the sound which was achieved and heard during the measurements if you choose among the products of Perfect Acoustic! Panels of other manufacturers can lead to completely different results.

What is not feasible on-site?

The only thing we cannot measure during an on-site is the ceiling since we cannot take construction and installation works. During the measurement, we place the absorbing panels where we need them to reach the most important goal: to measure the benefit we get by placing the panels.

Do we implement also individual ideas?

Besides their maximum effectiveness, we also pay special attention to their aesthetic appearance when preparing our products. We also undertake to prepare custom-made panels which fit the style of the flat and the taste of the client. Please let us know your ideas when discussing on-site design.


The standard equipment of the building is not able to provide adequate noise insulation. Based on the acoustic measuring analysis, it is recommended to place acoustic equipment in the rooms of the building at the required points to reduce the noise. During the measuring events and analysis, our company has an application and software support that can accurately determine these points. The frequency range, noise attenuation, and the right ratio of power are very important in the rooms, we will also cover them during the analysis. Due to their structure, standard building materials are not suitable for reducing noise or improving acoustics or absorbing deeper frequencies. After the analysis, place acoustic panels on the walls of the building, in the corner, as they handle the bass frequency well and are also suitable for noise attenuation. Absorbing sounds in the low-frequency range is a more difficult task than absorbing sounds in the high-frequency range. The deep frequency accumulates and is reflected from flat surfaces. The high frequency can be absorbed by almost all standard home furnishings and furniture. On our site, you will always find the latest news on measurement, or noise reduction. SzG