Elitexa extra dense coloured self-adhesive sponge sound absorbing board 200kg/m3

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Up to 60dB sound absorption

With self-adhesive back

Dimensions: 100x50x2cm, 100x50x4cm, 50x50x2cm, 50x50x4cm

For wall, ceiling, under parquet and carpet

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Elitexa Extra Dense Sponge Soundproofing Panel Features

  • Free sponge sample order here.
  • Sound absorbing sponge Weight and density: 200kg/m3.
  • Weight: 100x50x2cm: 2kg, 100x50x4cm: 4kg
  • Excellent thermal insulation material
  • Use: for walls, under parquet, under carpets and ceilings
  • Anti-mould and anti-bacterial material.
  • Use hypoallergenic material.
  • Material: polyurethane
  • Colour: light
  • Self-adhesive backing for easy application
  • Can be used as a decorative element not only in studios but also in living rooms or bedrooms.
  • High impact resistance so can also be used in gyms
  • Available in large quantities of fire resistant material (20% more expensive), minimum order quantity 100 boards

Soundproofing Material Property:

The Sound Attenuating Sponge is made of premium quality polyurethane sponge material, which guarantees the durability and effectiveness of the product. The extra dense polyurethane material has excellent soundproofing properties, making it an ideal choice for all acoustic needs.

Comparison of Elitexa Sponge and Traditional Sponges

  • Density: the Elitexa sponge has a significant advantage in density. While conventional sponges have an average density of only 20kg/m³, the Elitexa sponge exceeds this by a factor of ten, i.e. 200kg/m³.
  • Sound insulation and sound absorption: This higher density means a radical difference in sound insulation and sound absorption. A dense sponge absorbs and blocks sound much more effectively than a normal sponge.
  • Frequency range. This can be a problem in studios or home cinemas where clarity of sound is important. Conversely, Elitexa sponges can effectively absorb sounds from as low as 40Hz.
  • Structure. This structure allows the sponge to keep sound from passing through and absorbs most of the sound that does pass through.

These properties make Elitexa sponge particularly suitable for situations where precise sound reproduction and effective sound isolation are essential. Whether in a studio, a home cinema or even a public space, Elitexa sponge is an excellent choice for creating the desired acoustic environment.

Soundproofing Sponge in black colour
Soundproofing Sponge in black colour

Soundproofing Sponge Functions

Acoustic Applications:

  • Installation behind plasterboard: the Sound Absorbing Sponge works great when installed behind plasterboard, significantly improving the sound insulation and sound barrier of the room.
  • As an internal wall covering: Another popular use is as an interior wall covering, which creates a cosy atmosphere and improves sound insulation.
  • As an acoustic panel: can also be used as a home-made acoustic panel, providing a practical solution for fine-tuning the sound.
  • As a parquet or carpet underlay: It can also be a great choice for soundproofing under flooring, reducing impact noise and sounds from below. The hardness of the underlay means that it will not sink in, so the gait remains stable whether you use it under parquet or carpet.
  • For parquet or carpet underlay: Ideal if you don’t want to redecorate the room. It’s easy to apply thanks to the self-adhesive layer and the surface can be wallpapered or glued. The high-density sponge can provide up to 60dB sound absorption.
  • Applications:
    • In studios: where clarity of sound is key.
    • In offices: where a quiet environment promotes concentration.
    • In the home: for example in bedrooms or living rooms where quiet and calm are important.
    • In public places: such as restaurants and cafés, where a pleasant atmosphere is the goal.

Colours may vary within a single order.

Additional information

Weight N/A

100x50x2cm, 100x50x4cm, 50x50x2cm, 50x50x4cm


1 black, 3 beige, 4 brown, 5 butter colour


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