Art Wood Diffusers-Available in several colour variations 60x60x7-13 cm

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Size: 60x60x7-13 cm, Our customers with an EU corporate tax number can buy tax-free!

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You can order a “Free” Online Acoustic Measurement here!

Measurement is 20 EUR- but if you buy, we will deduct it from the amount of the product! So you will definitely order what you need!

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We can also make a custom size.

Art Wood Diffusers:

  • It is made of great-quality pine, making it one of the most effective deep sound absorbers and sound scatterers in our shop. Dried, planed, polished wood blocks do not warp over time either.
  • It can even be used as a near-field diffuser. Because each cube points in a different direction, if it is close to our head, the sound will bounce in a different direction and not our head.
  • No 2 identical art diffusors.
  • Thanks to its irregular surface, they scatter sounds in the highest bandwidth, increasing the feeling of space. Different depths scatter sounds at different bandwidths.
  • Our customers can choose from several colours on our page of our shop.
  • Size: 60 x 60 x 7-13 cm, but we realize any unique idea, colour, pattern or size.
  • 1 wooden cube 6,7mm wide
  • Sizes depend on pattern. They can usually be 8cm-13cm.
  • Its dense, hardwood material content ensures that it disperses sounds as effectively as possible while absorbing deep sounds.
  • Due to its modern and tasteful design, it can be an aesthetic addition to any interior, studio, office, home or living room.
  • Each wooden cube is coloured separately.
  • Our diffuser products are made by hand, we are constantly testing them.
  • Only best quality materials are used in the manufacture of scatterers.
  • The efficiency and beauty of Art acoustic diffusors do not deteriorate or wear out after years.
  • For individual orders, or shopping please send us by email. We are happy to help you with everything!



Wipe or vacuum with a slightly damp cloth.



The ordered products of our shop are made in 1-2 weeks in all types and quantities. In case of custom sizing, we are not able to take back the products!


We pack our products in dedicated cardboard boxes for delivery, we protect the integrity of the products with multi-layer foil packaging inside for the safety of the diffuser. In Hungary, if you pick up the product at our site, you will receive a thin foil package for environmental reasons.


Our products are delivered by the DHL courier company, in Hungary with the 24H service. Personal pick-up is also possible at our page.If you want to know more about delivery, please write us!


We add a picture hanger + screws to each diffuser panel.

You have to solve the mounting for the sake of transportability.

Acoustic diffusors are never enough!

For more spacious rooms, the greater the distance from the diffusors, the more diffusors are needed to achieve ideal acoustics, unlike acoustic panels. Of course, this does not mean that all free surfaces are covered with large amount of diffusors. It is recommended that an acoustic measurement be performed in the room or office before starting the acoustic treatment. Perfect Acoustic also helps its customers where, what and how many acoustic elements need to be placed in their home for the desired effect.

Why is it essential to use acoustic diffusors?

One of the biggest acoustic problems is caused by the large amount of deep sounds in our home or office, studio or living room. The best deep sound-absorbing membranes eliminate this problem. Absorbing trebles is much simpler than this: virtually any ordinary object or furniture can easily absorb trebles. But if we place only sound absorbers in a room,or office, the result will be over-attenuation, which greatly degrades the sound experience, as a balanced sound can only be achieved through the  best harmony of bass and treble. Acoustic diffusors scatter the sounds while absorbing deep sounds — this way you get a great, clear sound.

Now how is that? Is sound absorption or sound scattering more important and essential?

Both sound absorption and sound scattering are essential to creating the perfect acoustics! But it doesn’t matter how it all happens. As a result of the sound waves reflected from the walls, and when a large amount of deep tones returns, it causes echoes,  sound waves of different directions and intensities pass through each point of the room. When the sound source is switched on, the direct sound field is created, the reflected sounds form the diffuse sound field. With the help of sound absorbing elements, you can reduce the reverberation time of sounds. Diffusors distribute the sound energy coming to their surface evenly into space by breaking it down into smaller energy parts. Thus, the sound-absorbing and diffuser elements complement each other to improve the acoustics.

Ideal quantity and location of diffusors:

After an acoustic measurement, the correct location of the diffusors can be determined precisely. The ideal amount of diffusors depends on the size of the rooms. Acoustic diffusors work optimally when placed at reflection points of your home or office. These points can be measured with the help of an acoustician to avoid phase-delayed echoes. It is recommended to place them at ear level.


Main reflection points:

  • behind the speakers
  • right and left between the speaker and the listener
  • behind the listener position
  • on the ceiling, between the position of the speaker and the listener
  • in tilted attic rooms

The back of our diffusors is delivered pre-selected and drilled. The hanger and screws are included with the diffuser. They are extremely easy to place and fix, they do not require a specialist.

Perfect Acoustic also offers on-site and online acoustic measurements. Our customers can expect 95% accuracy in online measurements. Accuracy, reliability and expertise are the primary aspects of our company! If you want a perfect acoustic examination and the best treatment, do not hesitate to contact us with confidence!


Hard, flat, empty surfaces reflect sounds, bouncing back and forth between walls at short distances, resulting in sound-rattling echoes. This can make the music or movie hard to enjoy. Diffuse surfaces, due to their irregular and varying depth of surface, scatter sounds over most of the room. In this way, they increase the air space with reality, so we can achieve a more balanced, clearer sound.

Waves on his back

Phenomenal interference caused by the interaction of two sound waves flowing in opposite directions with the same number of vibrations.

Diffusors are essential elements, because play an important role in eliminating annoying rattle echoes. Their irregular surface has been carefully designed to radiate sounds back in the form of smaller energy beams — which is why we can experience top smooth and clear sound without unpleasant echoes.


Not all materials are suitable for a diffuser — or what was the egg or egg holder first?

We often come across “good advice” in various forums that egg boxes and styrofoam boards are cheap and have top sound-absorbing and diffuse properties. Well, that’s a mistake! Due to their structure, these materials are not at all able to absorb deep sounds or scatter sounds evenly! Skip the shopping of items made with DIY methods! In our shop you will find only the best acoustic absorber and diffuser, which guarantee the best, pure sound thanks to their dense acoustic cotton content and the best quality feedstock! We use our egg boxes for what they were originally designed to store eggs for!

Dense materials are best suited for sound absorption and sound dispersion. Such are hardwoods, pine is one of the hardest woods with the highest absorption and scattering efficiency.

The beneficial effects of music

Music has been used in various therapies since the second half of the twentieth century because of its beneficial effects. It is also widely used as a relaxing, stress-relieving tool. However, it is important that the music sounds clear and beautiful, otherwise it can have harmful and negative consequences for our health instead of a positive effect. There are countless unpleasant noises in our environment every day. The WHO organization called noise pollution a “modern plague” of our time. Therefore, it is very important that the music you listen to has proper acoustics. Pure music and balanced acoustics are essential for harmonious living conditions in our home, living room or even in the baby room.

Impeccable acoustics in home theaters and studios can only be achieved by placing the right tools and equipment. Speakers and microphones alone are not enough. Perfect surround sound is also important when recording sound – otherwise the music you will listen to later will not sound properly. We can remedy acoustic faults only to a small extent with electronic methods.

Due to the excellent sound absorption and scattering capabilities of our Art acoustic diffusers, they are the conditions for flawless acoustics in homes, offices, home theaters and studios, complete with our acoustic panels and sound-absorbing membranes. Aesthetics should not be given up either, as they can be perfectly integrated into several styles of rooms as decorative interior design elements. Perfect Acoustic’s products stand out from other companies producing similar products with their uniquely outstanding quality, high efficiency, timeless and aesthetic appearance, and favorable prices. The Art Diffuser can be a perfect gift for an audiophile or a fan of a home theater.

A sign of poor acoustics is echo, which mist the enjoyable of music. Optimal sound is essential not only in home, living room or office. The music in the air is also decisive during sports. During yoga, relaxation music is generally preferred, as are spa and wellness centers.

The diffuser elements available in our shop bring fundamental changing by improving the sound, as the aromatherapy diffuser and essential oils make the air and our living space more pleasant with their fragrance. Anyone who has already used a diffuser element can prove that it has led to a significant improvement.

Our diffusers are made of real wood, due to the natural properties and structure of the wood material (knots, lumps, staining due to leaking resin), the pickling / painting will not be even, the shades may be different on the entire surface of the diffuser, therefore we cannot accept complaints regarding this.
(The beauty and style of natural wood lies in the fact that due to the veining and the structure, special colors and shades can be achieved during painting / pickling.)  SzG

+/- 5 mm size difference may occur due to the placement of the wooden cubes, the sides of the diffuser are not completely straight!


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions N/A

1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

6 reviews for Art Wood Diffusers-Available in several colour variations 60x60x7-13 cm

  1. Devil82

    Hello! Good product, i am pleased!

  2. Musicer

    Produit de grande qualité. Excellent service client. Je suis très heureux de ma commande et je serai définitivement client à l’avenir.

  3. Hayo

    They look fantastic in your interior and they work much better than foam or synthetic absorbers. They are heavy and therefore harder to place on your wall, but the result is incomparable.

  4. Adrian-Bogdan G.

    Beautiful design and efficiency! The material and workmanship are premium quality and the sound is much better! 🙂

  5. Jaroslav H.

    They look nice in the room and the sound is really clear. Before I had problems to hear the speech clearly but now it is absolutely clear. Top product for those who want to improve the quality of the sound in the hi-fi studio or home theater.

    Image #1 from Jaroslav H.
  6. George

    Its design and color match the room perfectly, making the interior even more aesthetic.

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    Is there a technical datasheet available? Main interest is to know from which frequency and above the specific panels start to scatter sound.
  1. Q Is there a technical datasheet available? Main interest is to know from which frequency and above...... Read more
    Asked by Theodore B. on 2022.06.08. 11:32
    Answered by the admin Sorry, we don't have a profile. The frequency transition changes with each size.
  2. Hello! Can you please confirm delivery to Portugal, tax and delivery costs and dimensions of the art wood diffuser n.4? Thank you. Monica
  3. Q Hello! Can you please confirm delivery to Portugal, tax and delivery costs and dimensions of the ...... Read more
    Asked by Monica on 2021.05.09. 18:20


    The size of the diffuser is approx. 60 x 60 x 8 cm.
    VAT is 27%.
    You can buy VAT-free if you have a valid, registered, business / corporate EU tax number! VAT-free purchases are only possible with bank transfer payments. If you have such a tax number, please enter it in the note when ordering. If you do not have such a tax number, then the VAT prices apply to you! (+ 27%)

    The shipping cost is displayed when you place the product in the cart and select the country of delivery.

    Róbert Polgár

  4. What are the dimensions of the Art wood diffusers? What taxes should be provided for France?
  5. Q What are the dimensions of the Art wood diffusers? What taxes should be provided for France?
    Asked by Hostetter on 2020.10.13. 09:34
    Answered by the admin


    Pour calculer les frais de port, vous mettez le produit dans le panier.
    Il y a une taxe de 27% sur les produits. Si vous ne souhaitez pas de taxe, vous devez entrer un numéro de taxe UE.
    Taille: 60 x 60 x 8-13 cm, mais nous réalisons toute idée, couleur, motif ou taille unique. Les dimensions dépendent du motif. Ils peuvent généralement être de 8 cm à 13 cm.
    Faites-moi savoir si je peux encore vous aider.

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