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Why do we need acoustic diffusers?

Absorbers absorb, while acoustic diffusers scatter the sonic waves reaching their surface. If we solely use absorbers in a room or a home studio, we can overdamp it which makes perceiving music, watching movies, and even home studio work unsatisfactory.

To avoid all that, reflecting sonic waves should be treated another way, too. Reflection points should be covered, thus we won’t hear the echo coming from another point with a phase delay. Acoustic diffusers scatter the incoming sonic energy into smaller pieces of energy: like that, we get a clearer audio image, increased soundstage, and sharper, more precise sonority.

cinema room acoustics design with acoustic absorbers -

What product does NOT work as acoustic diffuser?

One should not cover the entire room with acoustic diffusers, they must be used at the targeted, proper reflection points. The exact location of the can is best determined following an acoustic measurement.

By no means Styrofoam or foam can act as a wood diffuser. If we cover all walls with them, they would be unsuitable to scatter sonic waves properly due to their material composition.

What kind of materials are Perfect Acoustic wood diffusers made of?

We use exclusively dense and high-specific weight hardwood to produce our sound diffuser and absorber product. It is important to know that the application of our wood diffusers is different depending on the type of room it is used and the purpose of the use.

Our company has a great deal of experience in setting up the acoustic diffuser to achieve the best result. We offer a wide variety of sound diffuser products on the page of our shop, which is ahead of our competitors both in terms of aesthetics and performance.

Diffusers as home furnishing

We are aware that besides the acoustic impact, aesthetics is also an important consideration. During the production of our sound diffuser, we pay special attention to our customers’ individual needs: the products of our shop can be ordered in different colors and patterns, even in custom sizes to fit the room where you intend to use them. Thanks to their modern, new, or classically elegant design, absorption, and acoustic diffusion items are also excellent home accessories. 

Results achieved with our wood sound difusers products

Sound difusers scatter the sound waves reaching their surface, therefore if applied in proper places they can increase the sense of spaciousness.

Applying them in proper places one can enjoy:

-cleared audio image
-increased dynamics
-clarity of human voice
-increased spaciousness

If it’s too late to plan

From an acoustic point of view, it would be ideal if acoustic planning and construction were carried out alongside the construction of buildings. Unfortunately, this is quite rare. Thus, in almost all cases, buildings need to be retrofitted and repaired to achieve optimal acoustics. Ordinary building materials cannot absorb or scatter sounds evenly. The biggest acoustic problems are caused by rattle echoes, interferences, and standing waves. We recommend bass-absorption panels to control the accumulating bass. However, other types of products are needed to handle the mid and higher frequencies. Sound diffusers reduce echoes by scattering audio waves coming to their surface in smaller directions, over the entire bandwidth into smaller parts.

You don’t have to absorb all the sounds!

Unlike sound-absorbing elements, acoustic diffusers do not absorb all the sound energy, they preserve the purity and liveliness of the acoustics. They distribute the sonic energy in the room. They also increase the sense of space, balance the reverberation time of the sound in all parts of the room, affecting full bandwidth. As a result, diffuser panels capture the energy of sounds, scattering it more evenly throughout the room.
Flawless audio quality is ensured by the balanced harmony of direct and diffuse audio fields. In acoustical recording studios or a home studio, the acoustic correction is even more important, so that the recorded music or other audio material will sound flawless later on, even in another room! 

acoustic diffuser panels
acoustic diffuser panels

The role of furniture

Although walls, ceilings, and all other home furnishings are diffuse and sound-absorbing surfaces, due to their structure they are mostly able to absorb high-pitched sounds, while they reflect deeper sounds in one direction, creating unpleasant echoes. If only broadband audio and noise absorbing panels are used, the sound becomes unenjoyable due to over-attenuation. The wood diffuser’s irregular surface with different depths is designed along with accurate acoustic measurements, for the sound to be scattered in all directions, thus continuously reducing the energy of the sonic impact on any other surface from the waves that might bounce forward.

Panels of this type are best placed in sound recording studios, home cinema rooms, and concert halls. The appropriate number and location of sound diffusers depend on the size, shape, and capabilities of the room. Reflection points can be determined by acoustic measurement. These points should be covered with a sound diffuser.
Diffusers should be used in conjunction with bass sound-absorbing acoustic wall panels for perfect acoustics.

Speakers placement

Importance Of Material Use in Acoustic Diffuser Panels

  • The effectiveness of acoustic diffuser panels largely depends on the materials used in their construction. In spaces with smooth, hard surfaces like wall ceilings, glass, and tiles, sound tends to bounce back and forth, creating echoes and reverberations. This is where the material choice for acoustic panels becomes crucial.
  • Acoustic panels, particularly acoustic diffuser panels, can be crafted from laminated furniture board or real wood. The choice of material is not just about aesthetics; it’s about acoustic performance. Hard or medium-hard, flexible wood materials like plywood, pine, oak, or black walnut are highly effective for sound absorption. Their specific gravity and density make them excellent at diffusing sound, reducing echoes, and enhancing overall sound quality.
  • Moreover, these materials don’t just function well; they also add a premium, aesthetic appeal to any space. The visual impact of a beautifully crafted wood acoustic diffuser panel can significantly enhance the ambiance of a room.
  • It’s important to note that not all materials are suitable for acoustic treatment. Styrofoam, plastic sponges, and egg boxes, often misconceived as alternatives, are ineffective in properly treating room acoustics. They lack the necessary properties to absorb and diffuse sound effectively.

In summary, the choice of material for acoustic diffuser panels is a critical aspect of room acoustics. It’s not just about reducing noise; it’s about creating a harmonious balance of sound and style in your space.

sound diffusion panel
sound diffusion panel

Easy To Fix – Sound Diffusion Panel Solutions

  • Installing our sound diffusion panels is straightforward and doesn’t require any special skills or tools. These acoustic diffusers are designed for easy mounting, whether on walls, ceilings, or floors.
  • Our panels can be effortlessly fixed to walls or ceilings using simple picture hangers and screws. This approach makes installation accessible to everyone, regardless of DIY experience. For floor placement, we also offer panels with folding legs, providing flexibility and ease of positioning.
  • At Perfect Acoustic, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of wood diffusers, absorbers, and bass traps. Each product, including our sound diffusion panels, is handmade with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring consistent quality and performance.
sound diffusion panel
sound diffusion panel

We understand that aesthetics are as important as functionality. That’s why our products are available in various colors and sizes, catering to different styles and preferences. Whether your space is modern, minimalist, classically elegant, or vintage, you’ll find a sound diffusion panel that complements your decor perfectly. Our commitment to versatility and quality makes us the ideal choice for enhancing the acoustic properties of any space, be it a home, cinema, or studio.

We live in a noisy world, always surrounded by noise. It would take long to list how many types of stress affect our day in and day out. This is why it is necessary to acoustically treat the rooms to reduce noise. The bass traps act as an absorber and the sound diffuser items act as diffusion products. Set deep tone traps in the corners and an absorber and diffusion product on the ceiling. We add acoustic cotton content to the absorption product for efficiency.

Our Diffuser Product Range for Effective Sound Diffusion

Discover our diverse selection of products designed for optimal sound diffusion. Each diffuser is crafted to enhance audio clarity and ambiance in various settings.

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