Art diffusers 60x60x6cm

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Size: 60x60x6cm 11kg

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Because of the popularity of diagonal Wood diffusers, the improved version is the art diffuser.

We can also make a custom size.

This diffuser is not only popular because of the best diffusion of close sounds but also because of its ability to be used to design interior design solutions.

Why do we say that it has one of the best sound diffusions?



acoustic diffusers reflexion point
acoustic diffusers reflexion point

The diagonal wooden cubes are cut at a 25% inclination angle. Each diffuser cube is rotated 90 degrees compared to the others, creating thereby a unique pattern.

The inclination angle has continuously different directions resulting in full spectrum sound diffusion.

Thanks to the tilted cubes it can be placed even adjacent behind the head and listening position so that you can immediately hear the result. Many other acoustic diffusers are not suitable for that.

How diffusers are coloured?

Each cube is coloured individually. Thus, we can prepare the colour and pattern even for custom orders.

You can choose any custom colour and pattern for the products. Send your concept by email.

It is important. that you have to calculate with cubes of 10x10cm in the sketch.

Composition of wood blocks user:

They are made of first-quality overlapping and glued Scots pine. These wood blocks are glued to ellas which are planned and then sanded. These glued sheets are rotated opposite each other to avoid wrapping time.

Scots pine has significantly higher density and specific weight compared to standard pine. We design high-density diffusers, by taking advantage of these features. Due to the high quantity of high-density wood, it provides extremely good sound diffusion and bass absorbing materials from 100Hz.

It is well known that wood is onelaminatedst bass absorbing material therefore we make acoustic diffusers only of wood.

  • laminated blockboard
  • pine
  • oak
  • or walnut
  • Scots pine cubes are glued on strong, rigid laminated pine sheets.

Positioning of art diffusers:

As in the case of all diffusers, it is advisable to place it in the primary reflection point.

If you don’t know where it is you should use a mirror. Sit in the listening position and ask somebody to go along the wall with a mirror. If you spot the loudspeaker it is the right place.

Find the primary point of reflection the room acoustics
Find the primary point of reflection

The middle of the diffusers must always be at the middle of the ear level.

The distance influences how many acoustic diffusers you should buy. The farther away you are from the diffuser the more you need of it. Additionally, the bigger a room is the more acoustic panel is needed to achieve the optimal sounding.

Acoustic diffusers cannot be enough in a room. It cannot be overdone compared to acoustic absorbers and acoustic panels.

The more of them there are in a room the more beautiful the sound will be.

Most important primary reflection points:

  1. behind the loudspeakers
  2. on the right and left side, between you and the loudspeaker
  3. behind the listening position
  4. at the ceiling, in the centre line of the listening position
  5. In sloped attic rooms these points must be measured as if it was a side wall.
acoustic diffuser reflexion points
acoustic diffuser reflection points

What can we hear with Art acoustic diffusers?

  • significant increase in the space
  • clear sound
  • improvement of instrument position
  • human voice becomes more natural, the hissing ceases
  • echo disappears
  • sound is more dynamic
  • detailed bass
  • also, your room will be more pleasant!
Mounting of the diffusers:

The back of each acoustic diffuser is drilled and marked.

Due to the transportation, we do not always mount the tiny picture hooks, in these cases, they will be in the box together with the matching bolt.

Our diffusers are made of real wood, due to the natural properties and structure of the wood material (knots, lumps, staining due to leaking resin), the pickling/painting will not be even, and the shades may be different on the entire surface of the diffuser, therefore we cannot accept complaints regarding this.
(The beauty and style of natural wood lie in the fact that due to the veining and the structure, special colours and shades can be achieved during painting/pickling.)  SzG

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60x60x6cm, 70x70x6cm

4 reviews for Art diffusers 60x60x6cm

  1. Buro

    I asked for a custom size. It was completed in 1 week. And he was very beautiful. I can only recommend!

  2. Hayo

    They look awesome and definitely absorb low freq’s. I have had experience with isover absorbing panels. But these wooden panels do so much more.

  3. Ingo W.

    Hmm, the acoustic effect is certainly very good, but I didn’t like the large square pieces. I like the smaller ones better, so I returned it. And I ordered another kind.

    Image #1 from Ingo W.
  4. Andreas H.

    Excellent quality!

    I have been experimenting with having 2 absorbing panels(120x60x10) on each side of the side walls, but I was having issues with some frequency’s, and a too dead of a sound. So I moved 2 of the absorbing panels out, that helped a bit but introduced other issues. Along with flutter echo.

    So I figured I would try QRD diffusers, but I was a bit worried that there would be issues since my room is not that big, and from my research people said there could be issues or that they could not even work at all when you sit too close to them. So I asked the customer support for advice and they recommended these. Apparently they would work better at a close range.

    I was a bit sceptical since I could not find any good information or measurements on this type of diffuser. But I can now confirm that they do indeed work! And i’m very happy with the 4 diffusers I bought.

    When I added the diffusers they brought amazing spaciousness and good clarity to the sound. And solved all the issues I was having. Both measurements with REW and my ears were happy!

    My setup for them were 2 diffusers on each side of the side walls, along with 1 absorbing panel(120x60x10) next to each of them.

    The quality of the wood and the painting is also great btw!

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