Wall Panel – Diffuser 140x70x8cm

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Properties of the Wall Panel Diffuser:

  • Wall panel with design – its cubes have 7-8 cm highlights.
  • Thanks to the high-quality raw material, they have excellent sound absorption properties.
  • Their surface, designed at different depths, is able to beam back sounds in all directions, at full bandwidth.
  • The deeper the surface, the lower the frequency they can absorb.
  • Size: 140x70x8cm. Consists of 2 pieces of 70x70x8cm Wall Panels, due to the delivery.
  • In case of unique ideas and sizes, please write us an e-mail!
  • All our products are made by hand and tested regularly.
  • Its attractive appearance allows it to be an aesthetic accessory of modern or even classic style homes and studios.
  • You can order with or without mordent. The mordent highlights the grain and colour of the wood.
  • It retains its timeless quality and beauty for many years.


It can be easily wiped with a damp cloth.

The role of Wall Panel Diffusers

Sound-absorbing membranes absorb deep sounds. However, it is not enough to use these acoustic elements alone if we strive for flawless acoustics. This is because excessive attenuation can result in significant sound degradation. Sounds bounce back and forth from walls, glass, and other flat, smooth, and hard surfaces, creating unpleasant echoes. In such cases, the sounds are reflected in one direction and at the same time. To eliminate this, it is also recommended to place acoustic diffusers in the given room, as they scatter the sounds over the entire bandwidth due to their uneven surface with different depths, so we can get a nicer, clearer sound. The reverberation ceases. Diffusers also absorb deep sounds effectively. The right acoustic elements complement each other to guarantee perfect acoustics.


The diffuse and direct sound field together form our sense of space-time and distance. Diffuse surfaces are all furniture and objects, but the quality of the reflected sounds largely depends on the material of the diffuse surface. Noble wood diffusers are effective sound absorbing materials due to their high specific gravity and density structure. And their irregular surface, formed at different depths, is able to disperse sounds into space by breaking them down into smaller particles. Styrofoam or plastic sponges do not function as a sound absorbing element at all. And the egg boxes are used to store eggs!


Our diffusers are very easy to mount. With the help of an image hanger and screws (these are packaged with the products), anyone can easily install it without any kind of expertise.



We make our products in any quantity and size within 1-2 weeks after ordering.


We pack our products in strong, dedicated cardboard boxes, which are lined with several layers of foil.


The products are delivered by the DHL delivery company, in Hungary by the 24H courier service.

How many diffusers should be placed and where?

A larger amount of diffusers is required in a larger room. Primarily, the reflection points should be covered with diffusers. These points can be determined most accurately by acoustic measurement. Perfect Acoustic not only performs an acoustic test on site, online acoustic measurements are also possible. We can determine the primary reflection points with 95% accuracy.

Reflection points:

Absorption of law frequencies with acoustic absorber

-between the speaker and the student position on the right and left

-in tilted attic rooms

-the ceiling between the speakers and the listener

– behind the speakers

It is recommended to place the diffusers at ear height.

If a room has ideal acoustics, the space with low mid-range resolution and unbalanced bass sounds will sound tight. In the studios, in the case of sound recording, we get a much better end result if the acoustics are adequate during the recording. In basements and basement studios, reverberation is usually the most serious problem. The stiffer the walls, the greater the chance of reflections. Subsequent sound mixing does not completely solve the acoustic faults, as the electronically mixed, improved sound material will only sound good in the room where the post-production was done! In other rooms we will hear differently. For this reason, acoustic treatment of the room is essential.

In a nutshell – the properties of black walnuts

Black walnut is a species native to the United States, but was also widespread in Europe in the 17th century. The black name may have been derived from the black bark or black nuts of older trees. Due to its high strength and flexibility, it is one of the most popular raw materials for furniture production. Excellent corrosivity, good pickling. Its dynamic strength, density and specific gravity make it an effective sound absorber.

Acoustic Absorber in Barabas villa.

Noisy troubles

One of the really serious problems of our modern age is noise pollution. Everyday noises are not only annoying to our ears, but also have a negative effect on our nervous system and body. Listening to music or watching a movie is only a pleasant experience if the room has the right acoustics, because then all the sounds sound the way they should. However, if we do not deal with the acoustic repair of the room, unfortunately we can become tense and grumpy due to the unpleasant sounds! Using the bass sound absorbers and Wall Panels, you can hear a truly balanced, beautiful surround sound.

We don’t have to give up beauty for the sake of efficiency either! Our black walnut diffusers meet almost every need and taste. Whether your home or studio is modern, sleek, minimalist in style, or even classically elegant, this sophisticated and highly efficient product will appeal to everyone.  SzG


Additional information

Weight 20 kg

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, dark gray, green, light gray, pink, black, Bordeaux, Dark Blue, dark oak, Lemon yellow, Light Blue, light oak, Mahogany, natural, Orange, White(wood grain transparent)


120x60x8cm, 140x70x8cm

5 reviews for Wall Panel – Diffuser 140x70x8cm

  1. Eduard

    I bought 4 pieces and I like them!?

  2. Naomi

    Beautiful diffusers!

  3. Mika Jokela

    Really good looking and Sounding diffuser.

  4. Ingo Woesner

    Very nice optics, good price compared to competitors

    Image #1 from Ingo Woesner
    Image #2 from Ingo Woesner
    Image #3 from Ingo Woesner
  5. Dragomir Todorov

    I am very happy with this diffuser!

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