Giga bass panel with membrane

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Size:103x30x30 10kg, 103x30x20 8kg, 103x40x40 16kg

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  • Size:103x30x30 10kg
  • Size:103x30x20 8kg
  • Size:103x40x40 16kg

Colours of acoustic membranes


If you order Giga bass traps membrane you can choose among 16 different colours of acoustic velvet coating and if you like it with leather membrane you can choose among 12 acoustic imitation of leather colours.
Our acoustic panels are always assembled and ready to use thus you can install it without waiting.

The properties of our Giga acoustic sound panel with double membrane

Our Giga bass absorbers with double membrane is made of high-density acoustic imitation of leather material. Its stiffness is ensured by the rigid wood construction.
We use 90kg/m3 acoustic wool for the internal sound absorption, or you can order it with extra dense 80kg/m3 Elitexa acoustic foam (additional cost). FIt was developed especially for this purpose and it is harmless for the health.
The surface is covered with acoustic velvet which prevents dust emission.
The touch, the look, the texture of the imitation of leather is identical to the real leather.



Wipe it with slightly wet cloth.

In which area our Giga bass traps with double membrane betters other products?

Thanks to the leather its sound absorption over 600Hz is marginal while it is significantly more effective in the lower frequencies
Since it destroys the unwanted bass from 30Hz we will hear more detailed and controlled bass while higher frequencies will remain airier and morespacious.

All of our products are continuously measured and tested.

104x40x40cm Giga bass trap
104x40x40cm Giga bass trap
Giga basstraps
104x30x30cm Giga bass trap-acoustic treatment

Bass traps membrane is an extremely effective bass traps that combines a membrane resonator and a full size and range sound absorbing panel in order to defeat the problematic parts of the low frequencies.

Formation of bass traps membrane

It contains a unique designed spring leather inside there is high-density acoustic wool of 90kg/m3. It absorbs effectively the frequencies below 600Hz in case of a leather membrane. Therefore, these basstrap are the most effective in absorbing low frequencies.

The closed airspace behind the membrane fully exploits the quarter wavelength principles in order to further strengthen the absorption of low frequencies in this critical bass region.

With Giga bass traps membrane, the low frequency is absorbed with a stretched membrane which is placed in the full width of the structure, slows down the low frequencies by vibration and finally stops them where the volume of the low frequencies is particularly high. The dimensions of the room amplify or cancel certain frequencies. The  basstrap membrane is developed for that purpose as it resonates soundless at low frequencies smoothing out thereby the modular frequencies.

Intro for installation:

The optimal position is in the corner where the walls meet and the low frequencies enrich significantly.
In the rooms where there isn’t enough room for the corner unit (corner bass trap) we advise narrower or custom size panels.
By combining with broadband acoustic panels and diffusers we can practically create a perfectly balanced space.


The most ideal use if you put at least 2 pieces on top of each other per corner. If it is not possible, you can place it in ear level, the centre of the bass traps should be at ear level in seated position. This way you can control also the secondary reflection point.
If you do not want to drill, it will perfectly operate placed on the ground.

A little science: How Giga bass traps membrane has been developed

Bass problems in the recording studio

Since the affordable digital and analogue electronics have appeared the recording studio have spread to such an extent that many successful records were made fully at home in home studios. The majority of these rooms were already existing built structures which have never been dedicated to audio recording or listening.

Small rooms have several problems: due to the close walls the loudspeakers and the instruments are exposed to strong reflections which causes serious comb filtering. As most of the rooms are rectangular or square shape the parallel walls may cause significant standing waves and rattling echo.

These reflections cause both the collapse of the listening position and fatigue of the ears. The straightforward solution for these types of middle and high frequency reflections are the broadband absorbing panels such as the popular Broadband acoustic panel. 

The handling of bass frequencies is however more challenging which is usually called modal distortion or room mode.

Basically, room modes generated when many low frequency sound waves get together. When several phases get unified, they come together and grow stronger, thus the bass increases in a certain frequency. The other option is that these sound waves can combine with each other and cancel out each othe decreasing thereby the given frequency thus we feel a higher dip in the lower section of the sound. None of these cases are ideal because the loudspeakers can be too loud or too quiet depending on our position in the room.

If we walk around in an ideally treated room, we should hear a balanced sound with a minimal deviation in the different points of the room.

studio acoustics with Perfect Acoustic (2) acoustic sound panel
home studio-acoustic treatment

Use of Giga corner bass traps membrane

It is easy to handle and it works

By combining a bass trap membrane with Broadband acoustic panels, you will realise that the bass will calm down immediately, the rattling echo decreases which helps to eliminate the disturbing standing waves that cause peaks or nulls.

With less reflections and echoes the listener’s room will be quieter thus the work will be more comfortable and enjoyable. With a properly treated and balanced recording studio the mixing become more precise and more audible when you hear the recorded music in different places such as your car or other acoustic environment.

The use and advantage of corners:

It is well known that the low frequencies enrich in the corners where they are multiplied and strengthening each other. That is why the acoustic experts always start the acoustic treatment with the corners. The other major reason is that as the bass multiplies in the corners, thus if you double the number of corner bass traps the bass traps will function as sound traps.


Can I place the Giga basstrap membrane in a corner?

We provide our acoustic panels with pre-drilled holes and you must screw the added hook bolts manually. Then you must put a hook bolt in the hole drilled in the wall, then hang it.

room acoustic design with acoustic absorbers

How the membrane absorbs the bass?

With a simple vibration which is of course soundless.
That means only that the high-density membrane mounted on the panel starts vibrating when the basses pass through thus it slows them down significantly.
They contain high-density acoustic wool that slows down bass immediately when it passes through according to thermo dynamics rules its acoustic energy is converted into heat.

Do we improve sound absorption by piling two corner bass traps?

Yes. It not only creates a bigger surface for the high, middle and low frequencies but the increased occurring reflection probably helps to absorb more basses.

If these are called membrane basstraps how they take up high frequencies?

The bass range is the most difficult to control therefore we compromised that in order to absorb significant volume of low frequencies we sacrifice the absorption of higher frequencies. If you still want to have the sounds absorbed in the entire bandwidth you should choose our corner unit bass trap or our simple bass trap.

How can I measure the performance of the bass trap?

You can do it even with a Room Acoustics Software which can be downloaded free of charge.
Measure the room without the corner bass traps membrane then put the basstrap in the corner and measure it again. The impact and the measurement will speak for themselves.
Do not do the same with an acoustic panel of lower quality or with a foam because you will be very disappointed. The general foam, which is 20-30kg/m3 in density, cannot absorb deep sounds. In our range, we offer the extra high-density 80kg/m3 Elitexa acoustic foam, which due to its extra high density can also absorb deep sounds.

Can I use it behind acoustic curtains?

Absolutely. It also absorbs deep sound behind curtains. SzG


recording studio- home studio

Additional information

Weight 14 kg

1-light grey, 2-dark grey, 3-butter colour, 4-light brown, 5-dark brown, 6-black, 7-claret, Beige 553 BE-4, Blue 101 N-8, Green 553 Z-3, Medium brown 553 BR-1, White 553 BA-1


104x30x20cm, 104x30x30cm, 104x40x40cm

7 reviews for Giga bass panel with membrane

  1. Musicat30

    The acoustics of the room were bad. I was looking for a cheap solution to this. I bought these bass traps and all resolved. Thank you Perfect Acoustic

  2. Stephen Marsh

    Very helpfull advice and well made gear that I will be installing shortly

  3. Anonymous

    High quality and beautiful product. These bass traps solved the acoustic problems!

  4. Johannes R.

    One of the best Bass Traps which really helped me improve my studio. Great quality and very reasonably priced.

  5. Ingo W.

    superb acoustic and built quality. A shame there are no more (bright) colors. I got mine in light grey leather. Will also be nice in patterned fabric.

    Image #1 from Ingo W.
    Image #2 from Ingo W.
  6. Ben B. W.

    I recently decided to buy 2 bass panels for my bedroom, where I often listen to music and watch movies. I felt that the acoustics of the room were not perfect and that the bass was often distracting.

  7. Callum

    Cool product, fast delivery!!! :)))

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Questions and answers of the customers

    Will one 40x40 in each corner make a difference in a normal size living room like 6 x 4 m (or do I need two on top of each other in each corner)? The corners behind the speakers will make the biggest difference if I play in the "long" direction? Two 40x40 on top of each other are quite heavy (2 x 45 kg). Therefor I consider going with only one first.
  1. Q Will one 40x40 in each corner make a difference in a normal size living room like 6 x 4 m (or do ...... Read more
    Asked by Max on 2021.10.18. 15:33


    It is worth placing a minimum of 1-1 panels in each corner, but it is even more effective to place 2 pieces on top of each other.
    The weight of the 40 x 40 cm Giga panel without packaging is approx. 18 kg, so it will not be so heavy.

    Best regards:
    Róbert Polgár

  2. hello i,d like to know if this membrane is all around the unit or only in 2 sites?How does sound go thrue or does the vibration of the membrane when sound hits leather does the job? ty
  3. Q hello i,d like to know if this membrane is all around the unit or only in 2 sites?How does sou...... Read more
    Asked by Aleksander on 2021.10.05. 19:06


    On all 4 sides, there is a leather membrane around the Giga panel.

    Best regards:
    Róbert Polgár

  4. Hello what material is in your acoustic wool? in both this and the corner bass trap with membrane. thanks
  5. Q Hello what material is in your acoustic wool? in both this and the corner bass trap with membran...... Read more
    Asked by Noé on 2021.09.29. 16:42


    Mineral rock wool.

    Best regards:
    Róbert Polgár

  6. Are the foots included with the Giga Bass?
  7. Q Are the foots included with the Giga Bass?
    Asked by Peibol on 2021.09.21. 09:33


    Foot not included, if you want to order with feet, please write in the customer comments.
    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards:
    Róbert Polgár

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