Whisper sound absorbing mat (industrial quality)

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Weight: 3010 gr/m2, Thickness: 18mm, Sound absorption: 37dB

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Whisper sound-absorbing mat

  • Composition: 100% polyamide
  • Thickness: 18.00 mm
  • Fiber weight 1500 g / m²
  • Weight: 3010 gr / m2
  • Thermal conductivity 0.18 KW / m²
  • Number of points 140,000 / m
  • Sound absorption: 37dB
  • Fire protection class: B
  • Field of application: Class 33 – Home and professional spaces, also suitable for commercial and industrial use
  • Sizes: 1.5x1m, 1.5x2m, and 2x3m, but it is also possible to order individual sizes.
  • Can be treated with anti-allergic / antibacterial agents: Yes
  • It also offers the following practical benefits in line with European standards:

The Whisper carpet represents a high-quality Italian design. This very soft and thick, densely woven, suede carpet provides luxurious comfort to your rooms while providing effective sound absorption.

It can only be ordered in individual (large) sizes in Hungary. Minimum width: 4m.

sound absorbing mat

What are the properties of a Whisper soundproof mat?

Compared to traditional carpets, it can absorb up to 37 dB of sound!

Excellent sound insulation due to its thick, dense weave.

Extremely durable, resistant to chemicals, and easy to clean, it can be used in industrial or commercial facilities.

Aesthetic home accessories are available in a variety of colors.

Not only can it be used to reduce noise, but it is also ideal for improving the surround sound of studios and home theaters.

What types of rooms can we use the Whisper soundproofing mat for?

  1. In condominiums, it effectively attenuates footsteps and shock sounds, thus avoiding discussion and tension with neighbors that can be triggered by children running around, knocking on shoe heels, or the sound of objects dropped on the floor.
  2. In addition to its sound-insulating function in cinemas, sound recording, and mixing studios, it also contributes to the creation of ideal acoustics. Sound recordings will only be flawless with optimal acoustics!
  3. Peaceful rest is important for hotel guests of hotels and boarding houses. Soundproofed carpets in the rooms and corridors ensure the attenuation of intrusive noises. Soundproofing mats may also be practical in other catering units.
  4. The disadvantage of open-plan offices is the presence of constant noise, which is caused by the conversation of computers, telephones, other technical equipment, machines, chair legs, and colleagues. Persistent noise hurts the mental and physical condition of employees and also degrades work performance. If you want to create a harmonious, healthy atmosphere in the workplace, lay acoustic carpets on as large a floor area as possible.
  5. It can also be used in commercial and industrial facilities, plants, and workshops, as it has a high degree of abrasion resistance and is also resistant to chemicals.
  6. For theaters and conference rooms, good speech intelligibility, and perfect acoustics are very important. Whisper rugs work great in these rooms as well.
  7. It is also an excellent choice for reducing the noise of hospitals and healthcare institutions to maintain the peace of mind of patients and medical examinations.
  8. Whisper sound absorbing mats can also be useful in the halls of schools and other educational institutions.
How much surface is worth covering with an acoustic carpet?

Sound absorbing mat

Soundproof carpets can be placed on the largest possible floor area, even from wall to wall! For our Hungarian customers, the Whisper rug can be ordered in a larger size, even enough to cover the entire floor area! When ordering individual sizes, please send us the exact dimensions by e-mail, taking into account that the minimum width of one side of the carpet is 4 m!

Why is a Whisper soundproofing mat better than traditional carpets?

Ordinary carpets are also capable of absorbing sound, but to a very limited extent and only in the higher sound ranges. Only carpets designed for special acoustic use are suitable for absorbing deeper sounds. They absorb at least 60% more sound compared to traditional carpets. However, we do not have to give up aesthetics either because of noise reduction! Whisper rugs are available in several beautiful colors, so they can be decorative accessories for almost any style of room.

Practical and quality product

Whisper carpets are practical and of high quality, their color does not fade after a long time, and their material does not wear out.

Shipping information:

The ordered products are delivered by the DHL delivery company, by the 24H delivery service within Hungary.

Why is sound insulation so important?

Almost every minute of our lives are surrounded by sounds. The tranquility of our home is disturbed by the noise from the street or the neighboring apartments, which can certainly make our everyday lives very bitter. As noise abatement considerations are not always taken into account when building properties, we usually need to provide sound insulation for our homes or workplace in retrospect. The usual building materials, which are known to everyone, cannot absorb enough sound due to their structure, so it is recommended to use materials that have been specially developed for noise reduction.

sound deadening mat
sound deadening mat

What problems can a persistent noise cause?

The number of health problems and diseases caused by noise pollution is increasing year by year. Continuous background noise can lead to hearing damage, and cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and nervous system problems. Nor can sleep at night be undisturbed, as even in the late hours there is complete silence and tranquility in our surroundings. If we can’t rest ourselves properly, we wake up tired, and unwell, which affects our entire day and our health in the long run.

What surfaces should be treated with sound-absorbing elements?

It is strongly recommended to cover hard, flat, large surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and floors with acoustic elements. We recommend sound-absorbing panels for walls and ceilings. Sound curtains can be placed in front of the glass surfaces, thus greatly reducing external noise coming through the windows. Wood, parquet, tile, or linoleum floors conduct or reflect sound, so it is advisable to correct this problem with acoustic carpets.

Perfect Acoustic strives for perfection in every product we manufacture or market. We are constantly testing and developing our products to make our customers as satisfied as possible! If you are looking for a reliable, competent company dealing with acoustic products, choose us with confidence! You will not be disappointed in us!

Carpets can have a weight deviation of +/- 20-30% and a size deviation of +/- 2-3% (mm)  SzG

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1,5x2m, 1×1,5m, 2x3m


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