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Total weight: 3000gr/m2, Total height: 40 mm, Sound absorption: 45 dB

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Professional Calm acoustic carpet:

  • Total weight: 3000gr / m2
  • Total height: 40 mm
  • Bleachable: No
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Back: Twin back, woven
  • Recommended rooms: cinema and hi-fi rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms
  • Sound absorption: 45 dB
  • Features: Soft to the touch, stain resistant
  • Made in Germany
  • Surface: soft, densely woven
  • Compatible with underfloor heating

The Professional Calm acoustic carpet features:

Developed for professional use, the acoustic mat is even thicker and denser woven than other acoustic mats, making it the most effective acoustic carpet. If you want maximum efficiency when managing your room or studio acoustics, or for sound insulation, the Professional Calm carpet, which can absorb 45 dB of sound, is the best choice for you! Not only you can enhance the sound of your home with this premium quality soundproof home textile, but you can also achieve excellent results when used in a studio, hi-fi or cinema room, conference room, or office. When cleaning, make sure that it cannot be cleaned with bleach!

With acoustic treatment professional solution

In sound recording or mixing studios, it is extremely important to treat the walls and ceiling with the appropriate acoustic elements. However, floor surfaces should not be overlooked either! Extensive, smooth, and hard PVC, tile, or wood flooring cannot absorb deeper range sounds but reflects them. The resulting standing waves and echoes greatly degrade the quality of sound recordings. If you want a truly professional and perfect sound material, lay Professional Calm acoustic carpets on the floor surface.

Optimal acoustic conditions are also required for the sound of our home theater or hi-fi system to meet our expectations. The acoustic, sound-absorbing carpet does a great job in these rooms as well.

Noise reduction with Professional Calm acoustic carpet

Office acoustics are receiving more and more attention as open space offices are becoming more common. In this type of office, communication between employees is easier and faster, however, computers, fax machines, telephones… etc. noise and the speech sounds of office workers are extremely disruptive to work. It is worthwhile to use soundproofing acoustic carpets to insulate and reduce the noise of offices.

Professional Calm-sharp 3d- (3) carpet
Professional Calm-sharp 3d- (3) carpet


Proper sound insulation plays a big role in every room of our home, living room, bedroom, or children’s room. Only in a calm, quiet environment can we properly relax at the end of a tiring day. Sound-insulating acoustic curtains can be placed in front of the windows, which effectively prevent the infiltration of external noise. The treatment of the floors can be solved by placing acoustic carpets, which also attenuate the noise of falling objects, footsteps, and other unpleasant noises.

Disadvantages of noise

If we are exposed to noise for a long time, our mental and physical condition can deteriorate. Depending on age, gender, and life situation, noise has a detrimental effect on everyone, so we cannot neglect the importance of sound insulation. Whether it’s street noise, children’s noise, or loud neighbors, the Professional Calm acoustic carpet eliminates all noise problems in one fell swoop!

Design and practicality
Professional Calm-pillow 3d (4) carpet
Professional Calm-pillow 3d (4) carpet

The Professional Calm acoustic mat offers the best results in room acoustics thanks to its high sound absorption capacity and excellent quality. Due to their stylish and aesthetic appearance, they also function as beautiful home furnishing accessories. Their soft, delicate touch radiates warmth and a homely atmosphere, as well as decorations that can be easily inserted into any interior. They are also capable of maximum efficiency during sound insulation and noise attenuation.

How is the Professional Calm acoustic carpet different from other average carpets?

The Professional Calm acoustic mat has the highest sound absorption and noise reduction capability compared to the sound insulation mats currently available on the market. The thickness and density of traditional carpets lag behind those of professional carpets, specially made for acoustic application. About 60% more sound attenuation can be expected for acoustic carpets.

We can implement perfect acoustics and professional sound insulation in our homes, studios, or offices!

Professional Calm-pastel-enterior-szonyeg
Professional Calm-pastel-interior-zoning

The Professional Calm acoustic carpet is ideal for improving acoustics as well as reducing noise and is more effective than any other mat due to its extra thickness and high density. It is recommended to cover as large an area as possible with sound dampening, and acoustic carpets. Available in standard sizes, a beautiful selection of colors is available to our customers. We use DHL as a courier with the 24H transport delivery option in Hungary.

Carpets can have a weight deviation of +/- 20-30% and a size deviation of +/- 2-3% (mm). SzG

Additional information

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beige, cube beige, grid grey, pastel, pillow, sharp, brown


120×170 cm, 160×230 cm, 200x290cm, 80×150 cm

4 reviews for Professional Calm Acoustic Carpet

  1. Thomas D.

    Soft, durable and heavy. Really Good product ! Thx again, second buy in this shop, I don’t regret at all ! Quick package and good communication. Really all Good !!

  2. Elizabeth P

    I am glad I chose this sound absorbing carpet. It’s really nice and has really good sound absorption.

  3. Nicolas

    Very effective, the overall sound in the room is much better now

    Image #1 from Nicolas
  4. Antonio


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