Acoustic isolation panels 100x60x2,2cm. White Oak – We can also make it in custom sizes

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Size: 200x60x2,2cm

Size: 100x60x2,2cm

Colour: white oak

We can cut it to size if you prefer, so you don’t have to bother with it at home.

The product is in stock and can be dispatched in 1-2 workdays by courier.

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You can order a “Free” Online Acoustic Measurement here!

Measurement is 20 EUR- but if you buy, we will deduct it from the amount of the product! So you will definitely order what you need!

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Transform Your Space with Acoustic Wall Panelling

Elevate your environment with Perfect Acoustic’s acoustic wall panelling, designed to blend seamlessly into any decor while enhancing sound quality. Our acoustic panels wall collection promises not only to beautify your space but also to deliver unparalleled sound clarity, perfect for music enthusiasts, movie buffs, and professionals in home studios.

How to hang an acoustic wall panel: a quick and easy guide to achieving the perfect sound quality and style in your home. Get started now!

Why Choose Our Acoustical Panels for Walls?

Crafted from premium quality materials, our acoustic walls panels stand out for their durability and aesthetic appeal. These panels, featuring sound deadening wall covering, are essential for anyone looking to minimize noise distractions and echo, creating a serene and acoustically balanced environment.

Quick and Easy Installation

Our wall foam panel and foam panel options offer a straightforward installation process. Whether you prefer a sleek studio wall panels look or a more robust foam panel for wall application, we provide all the necessary accessories for a hassle-free setup. This flexibility allows you to transform any room into an acoustically optimized space without extensive renovations. It is important to note that the pictures show several types of wall sconces, so everyone can find the style that suits them best. If you are unsure, order a sample pack to see the quality and texture of the products for yourself.

Customization at Its Best

  • Length: Choose between 2000 mm or 1000 mm lengths to perfectly fit your space.
  • Width: Our standard 600 mm width fits most walls, optimizing acoustic performance.
  • Depth: At 22 mm, these panels provide significant acoustic improvement without overwhelming your space.
  • For those with specific needs, we also offer custom sizes. Simply measure your space, and let us handle the precise cutting. A tolerance of +-5mm is possible for custom sizes.
  • You can place a sample order here:

Don’t compromise on aesthetics or functionality. With Perfect Acoustic’s acoustic wall panelling, you can enhance your space’s visual and acoustic quality. Order a sample today and experience the premium difference.

Premium Quality Sound Absorbing 3D Wall Panel: The Flagship Model of Perfect Acoustic

  • Meet the flagship product of Perfect Acoustic, the 3D wall panel, rightfully called the crown jewel of our collection. This model exemplifies high-level precision and sophistication, reflecting our commitment to premium quality in every detail.
  • The foundation of its construction is similar to our other models, yet it’s the meticulous attention to detail and level of refinement that sets it apart. Each veneer sheet is carefully selected to ensure a uniform pattern and flawless finish, captivating anyone who lays eyes on the walls. The edges of the panels are precisely cut, with the ribs’ sides painted in an elegant black, adding extra depth and optical effect to the space.
  • The wood slats are mounted on a high-density felt layer, providing exceptional sound absorbing capabilities. Thus, the wall panel is not just a stunning design element but also serves as an effective sound absorber, enhancing the room’s acoustics. It’s the perfect choice for high-demand homes, offices, or studios where both sound quality and style are crucial.
  • The Premium Quality Sound Absorbing 3D Wall Panel from Perfect Acoustic is not merely an aesthetic element but a multifunctional acoustic solution, bringing elegance and practicality to your space. Choose premium quality and enjoy the perfect harmony of refinement and functionality in your home or workplace.
Environmentally friendly solution with the acoustic wall panel
Environmentally friendly solution with the acoustic wall panel

Easy Installation: Wall Panels With Glue Or Screws

Installing Perfect Acoustic wall panels is a breeze, whether you’re using glue or screws, depending on your wall’s structure. You can skip the prep work like plastering, sanding, or painting if your wall is already in prime condition.

Ceiling Mounting: Style Elevated

Our acoustic wall panelling isn’t just for walls; it shines when mounted on the ceiling too. Short on time? No worries! The installation is straightforward and can be done by yourself, without needing a pro.

Screwing: Secure Fixing

For the 2-meter-long acoustic panels wall, at least 6 screws are recommended for a firm hold, and for 1-meter-long acoustical panels for walls, at least 3. Ceiling setups might need more screws, spaced closer together for extra stability.

Gluing: Clean and Simple

Acoustic walls panels can be easily attached to a dust-free wall with adhesive on their back. Smooth surfaces take less glue than rougher ones. For perfect results, always stick to the glue manufacturer’s instructions.

Modern and Stylish Home

With Perfect Acoustic’s sound deadening wall covering, create a modern and stylish vibe in your home or office. The simplicity of installation and the flexibility of our wall foam panel, foam panel, studio wall panels, and foam panel for wall options let you tailor your space to your taste while enhancing its acoustic qualities.

Wall acoustic panel for all spaces
Wall acoustic panel for all spaces

Sustainability and Quality: The Commitment of Perfect Acoustic

Discover how Perfect Acoustic’s acoustic wall panelling marries sustainability with impeccable quality. Crafted in Denmark, our panels utilize only FSC-certified wood veneer and MDF, a nod towards our dedication to environmental stewardship. The acoustic panels wall and acoustical panels for walls are not just about aesthetic appeal; they embody our commitment to reducing environmental impact through the use of recycled materials.

The Best of Both Worlds: Dimensional Stability and Superior Surface

Experience the unparalleled blend of dimensional stability and exquisite surface finish with Perfect Acoustic’s acoustic walls panels. These panels deliver exceptional durability without sacrificing beauty, ensuring your space looks and sounds beautiful for years to come.

Sound Absorption from Recycled Materials

Our sound deadening wall covering features a 9 mm thick acoustic felt, made from recycled plastic, underscoring our commitment to the planet. This innovative use of recycled materials not only enhances sound quality but also significantly lowers our production’s ecological footprint.

Enhancing Spaces with Acoustic Solutions

Perfect Acoustic offers a range of solutions, including wall foam panel, foam panel, studio wall panels, and foam panel for wall, designed to meet the diverse needs of any space. These products exemplify our dedication to combining style, functionality, and sustainability.

Choosing Perfect Acoustic means opting for acoustic solutions that do not compromise on quality or environmental consciousness. Embrace our sustainable and high-quality acoustic panels to make your home or workplace not only more aesthetically pleasing but also eco-friendlier.

Precise production, high quality
Precise production, high quality

Acoustic 3D Wooden Wall Panel Packaging And Shipping:

All panels are packaged in dedicated Perfect Acoustic packaging in vacuum sealed nylon to better protect the products from environmental influences.

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100x60x2,2cm, 200x60x2,2cm


Black oak, Grey Oak, Walnut, Walnut JK, white oak


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