The winter months can also be a problem in the apartment due to the cold, especially if the insulation and windows are not up to date. Of course, we can heat most efficiently if the insulation is OK, but this condition is not always there: in older houses and flats there is often a problem with this, and it is not necessarily easy to remedy the problem immediately. Fortunately, however, there are other solutions to adequately prepare the apartment for winter.

Upgrading insulation is not always an option

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Of course, the best and most obvious would be to replace the doors and windows with more modern ones and to be able to insulate the building itself properly. Unfortunately, this is not always a real possibility. Recently, the prices of building materials have risen very sharply, and wages have also risen so that fewer and fewer people can manage adequate thermal insulation, which is a relatively serious investment.

In the case of condominiums, moreover, the external insulation of the walls is not an option per apartment, they can only do it all over the house at once, which is not a decision of one person. So it’s worth looking into alternatives that aren’t available to anyone, yet they can throw a lot at the feeling of heat inside – and reduce your heating bill. An example is a thermal insulation curtain.

A lot of little things go a long way

The lack of proper thermal insulation is a problem because the heat escapes from the apartment and our environment cools down more easily. This means we need to heat more for the same result, which will also result in higher heating costs. Not to mention that our comfort is not real in a cool, damp, drafted apartment.

If we dig a little into the little tricks of insulation, we can noticeably cut the cost of heating and our apartment can be a more pleasant, warmer place in the winter cold. We wouldn’t even think how much everything can count on!

Is there an insulating curtain in front of the windows?

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We consider the curtain primarily as a decorative element in the apartments, although it also has practical benefits. In addition to limiting visibility from the outside (which is not a negligible factor for street-front windows, for example), it can also help you catch the influx of cold and keep the heat inside, for example, in the case of a not-so-modern, drafty window.

This is especially true if you choose a specially insulated curtain for the windows: these are thick, densely woven materials through which air does not flow easily. If you are tired of the cover around the window in the apartment, it may be worth replacing the blackout curtains with a thermal curtain! By the way, a curtain in front of an older door with not very good thermal insulation can also be a good idea as a door curtain.

Draft catcher between the windows and under the doors

The past solution for better thermal insulation of windows was to use a double sash. It must be imagined that two windows were placed in a case, with a small space between them. And this place can be fitted with drafts developed specifically for this purpose, which catch the incoming cold air, so you can get significantly less into the apartment.

Some drafts can be placed under the doors in case there is a gap at the bottom where the cold comes in. This will allow us to use the door without any problems, but it will still be warmer in the apartment.

Acoustic carpets on the floor

Is the cold coming from below? A simple and showy solution is to place a carpet on the floor, as thick as possible! We may not think so, but it does matter a lot. In addition to feeling more comfortable stepping on the carpet than on the cold floor, it can catch a little of the cold that radiates from the floor. The thicker the sound-absorbing or heat-insulating carpet, the more suitable it is for this task – by the way, you can throw up the apartment very much if you combine its color and pattern with other home textiles.

Practicality and design at the same time

Thermo mats and acoustic curtains are available in different colors and patterns. So there is no need to compromise: our insulated apartment can be beautiful too! The harmony of colors is very important. If the curtains and the carpet fit together well, it already gives you a super concept. This effect can be enhanced with decorative pillows of similar colors, so the overall picture can be completely harmonious.

If a complete energy upgrade is not an option, even with these little tricks you can do a lot to improve the insulation of your house in the cold of winter. And this will be felt on the heating bill as well as in the comfort. SzG

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