Testing The Jamo C910 Subwoofer

Whether it’s a two-channel or a multi-channel system, if the optimal low frequency is missing, perfect sound cannot be achieved. If you use only two or more channels, the speakers must have sufficient volume to ensure that the basses perform intensely enough. In other words, the speakers must be large enough, which inevitably requires a lot of space. Another method is to add active woofers to the sound system. If they are properly tuned and set up, even small bookshelf speakers can show off the full range of sound through the subwoofers! With its 300W amplifier, the Jamo C910 SUB subwoofer perfectly combines premium low frequency performance with a modern, luxurious design, resulting in these stylish speakers with exceptional acoustics.

Design of the Jamo C 910


The Jamo C 910 weighs 14 kilograms, which is not light as foam. But despite this, it is not difficult to move. The speaker cabinet has a clean and angular shape and is not fitted with any extra decorations. For our test we tried the black speaker. The surface of the cabinet is covered with black plastic veneer having a pleasant, smooth touch.


As far as design goes, the box of the C910 is a fair deal, but not much to look at. However, when you add the included speaker grille, the visual quality is immediately improved! This time Jamo has changed the grille material to a thick grey-black woven fabric, which adds a touch of elegance to the look. The top and bottom of the grille are curved, making the speaker look slightly slimmer.

The subwoofer is equipped with a 254 mm diameter IMG diaphragm.

In terms of specifications, the C910’s front baffle is fitted with a 254 mm diameter IMG (injection-moulded graphite, polyfiber) diaphragm woofer. The membrane is made of graphite, which has the advantages of lightness and high rigidity. The IMG diaphragm helps to ensure an accurate and solid bass sound. The Class D amplifier module responsible for the driver is capable of delivering 150 watts of output power, and the maximum peak power can reach 300 watts in an instant. The total frequency response varies between 32Hz and 125Hz.

Front bass reflex design

The speaker uses a front bass reflex design. The front reflex port connector is located at the bottom right corner of the front panel side. The narrow design of the port can significantly reduce airflow, resonances and enhance the wider extension of low frequency sounds. A front reflex port allows the C910 to be placed close to the wall, making it easier to find the right spot for it.

RCA input with wireless transmission

C-910-back panel

The rear of the subwoofer also features the C910 RCA input connectors. The main advantage of these is that you can connect it to the Pre Out or Sub Out output of your audio equipment. Next to the RCA input is a switch for adjusting the phase (0/180), and two side knobs for controlling the crossover point and volume.

What seems to be also noteworthy is that there is a row of WA-2 ports on the right side of the rear panel. If you buy an additional WA-2 wireless device, you can enjoy the convenience of wireless transmission. The WA-2 uses 2.4 GHz wireless transmission technology, which guarantees low latency when transmitting high-resolution music.

Sound performance

We tested the Jamo subwoofer in a medium-sized home theatre room. The room was not yet acoustically perfect. Some leather membrane sound absorbing panels were mounted on the walls, but bass traps in the corners were still needed to get the right auditory effect, and two different patterns of acoustic panels with diffusers were also decorating the walls. The owner had previously tried to improve the acoustics of the room with Styrofoam wall panels instead of these premium quality wooden acoustic elements, but unfortunately no improvement was noticed. This was not surprising to us, of course, because sponge, foam and Styrofoam materials are not able to absorb the deeper sounds, they rather completely destroy the high frequencies, thus worsening the acoustics even more. We tested the subwoofer with a pair of Jamo S 807 floor-standing speakers.

The C910 produced a wide, expansive, dynamic sound and the music sounded richer. Playing Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, the addition of the subwoofer immediately made a noticeable change in sound quality. The addition of the subwoofer filled the 20 square metre listening area with low frequency energy. We heard powerful, rhythmic, dynamic, controlled basses.

Musically, the Jamo subwoofer performed well. But what about movies? The low-frequency sound effects emitted by the C910 were very powerful, highlighting the emotional tension created by the fighting scene and the explosions. The C910 handled dynamic variations and full low frequencies well, delivering a detailed sound.


Overall, the subwoofer’s bass performance is absolutely powerful, delivering good dynamics and a clean sound. The exterior design is modern and elegant. With three colours to choose from, it will fit easily into most interiors. The front reflex port allows you to place the speaker close to the wall, so it fits comfortably in smaller rooms without taking up too much space. Thanks to its remarkable performance, it even significantly improves the sound of smaller bookshelf speakers. The price is also very affordable.


Written by Róbert Polgár

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