TIDAL Streaming Service Review

Tidal is a Norwegian music streaming service. In addition to high quality video clips, it also offers a lot of exclusive content. It was launched by Aspiro in Norway in 2014 and is currently owned by Project Panther Bidco Ltd.

Tidal doesn’t have a free, ad-supported option, so you have to pay monthly, but in return you get high quality sound.

Tidal also offers a premium family package and a HiFi family package that can be used by up to five people. Significant discounts are also enjoyed by students (50 percent discount), military operatives (40 percent discount) and first-time entrants (40 percent discount). In addition, Tidal has a 30-day trial period so we can test the service.

Premium content

We get premium content for Tidal’s premium costs. Tidal has great, original, voluminous articles so we can learn more about the performers while listening to their songs.

We also find exclusive video content that is not available on similar services. Tidal’s exclusive video content consists of music videos, behind-the-scenes concert recordings and other interesting and entertaining videos. This video content is available to both Tidal Premium and Tidal HiFi subscribers.

Tidal is not the cheapest of the streaming services, but it clearly offers the best sound quality. Listening to music will be a real experience if the acoustics of the room are adequate. This requires the treatment of walls and ceilings with acoustic sound-absorbing and diffuser panels. Sound-absorbing Sound absorber are responsible for attenuating excessive bass sounds and eliminating echo. The diffusers scatter the sounds evenly in the space, so you can achieve a balanced, clear sound with their help. If you’re not listening to music with headphones, you might want to get good quality speakers if you want the best sound quality.


The Tidal Masters collection is available to subscribers using Tidal mobile or desktop applications. Masters tracks offer studio-quality, high-definition music content to music fans courtesy of the Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) audio codec. These FLAC-based streams are 24-bit, 96 kHz quality, and really sound fantastic.


Dozens of albums in countless genres are available in the Tidal Masters catalog, and fans of classic beat, jazz, or even pop-rock, rap style can find their favourite albums.

Tidal’s interface is not significantly different from that of other music streaming services. Tidal has dozens of themed playlists categorised by mood, time of day, and events.

Tidal’s Android and iOS apps allow you to cache music for offline playback. Tidal has entered into agreements with Sony, Universal and Warner, as well as a number of publishers. You can also create a list of your favourite songs and create a radio station based on the songs of a certain artist. Unlike Spotify, Tidal lacks lyrics, which can be disappointing if you want to read the lyrics.

Unfortunately, users do not have the ability to share their playlists publicly with other users. However, in private mode, we can share content with our friends via a link.

You can create My Video Mix playlists with clips to suit your own taste.

The app can also be found among Samsung or Android Smart TV apps.

On Apple devices, you can stream Tidal content to compatible devices using AirPlay. In all other cases, of course, you have the option of connecting your device to other devices via Bluetooth.


The Tidal HiFi Hi-Res feature is part of the streaming service of Jay Z, Beyoncé, Kanye West and Co. and has been available since the launch of Tidal in 2015.

The service’s extensive articles, well-kept playlists, exclusive albums, video content, high-quality sound (especially through Masters) and early access to concert tickets are of unique value. It offers more than 70 million songs and 250,000 video clips.

Tidal has some interesting additional information about songwriters, producers, band members and much more for many albums. You can also find short biographies, concert dates, and links to ticket vendors and channels.

Roon users can integrate Tidal with smart music devices. Integration works quickly and easily.

Tidal allows you to listen to the selected music in Dolby Atmos format. This requires a suitable surround system and a compatible streamer. These are currently Apple TV 4K, Fire TV Stick (with and without 4K). You can also enjoy the special 3D sound through Nvidia Shield TV. Also pay attention to the placement of the speakers and the room acoustics for the perfect sound.

Tidal Connect

The Tidal Connect feature works on the same principle as Spotify Connect. It differs from its competitors mainly in that Tidal can also be used to stream high-definition content, which is not yet possible with Spotify. This means that thanks to Tidal Connect, you can stream music in either MQA format or Dolby Atmos Music to compatible active speakers or streaming amplifiers from different manufacturers.

In summary

The streaming service stands out from other streaming services with its extra features and unique sound quality. We missed the ability to share playlists publicly and could expand our range of studio-quality songs. Tidal offers exclusive music content, much of which hasn’t even been released on disc – Spotify doesn’t do that. Tidal sounds more realistic, deeper than Spotify, the sound is stunning thanks to the MQA feature.


Written by Róbert Polgár

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