We tested the Dali Rubicon 6 foorstanding speaker!

Dali’s hi-fi products are of high quality, no wonder as the manufacturer takes pride in achieving three major goals that are durability, the use of premium parts and perfect sound. The Danish company was founded by Peter Lyngdorf in 1983, and all products are manufactured in Denmark.

Exterior design

Rubicon 6 colours

The Rubicon 6 is a passive, floorstanding speaker that weighs 20.2 kg and measures 1001 x 195 x330 mm. It is available in 4 colours: black, white, light walnut and mahogany. The look of the speaker is extremely compelling, revealing premium quality. The design is beyond reproach, the Rubicon 6 speaker is really amazing. The 6-layer MDF housing is polished, the glossy, lacquered front features a fabric grille to protect the speaker, and the Dali brand logo is visible at the bottom. The rounded shape prevents the formation of standing waves.


Dali. Rub. 6 speaker

The 3-way speaker has a crossover frequency of 2600 and 14000 Hz, an impedance of 4 Ohms, a frequency response of 38 and 34900 Hz, and a sensitivity of 88.5 decibels. Thanks to the high degree of sensitivity, it also works well with lower power amplifiers. It has two cone woofers, one in the 800 Hz frequency range and the other in the 800 to 2600 Hz range. The soft dome tweeter from 2600 Hertz and the ribbon tweeter from 14400 Hz provide the ideal sound for high ranges.

The Rubicon 6 speaker has a SMC, or Soft Magnetic Compound drive, which virtually completely reduces distortion. The dome tweeters were designed by Dali, but manufactured by Scan Speak.

Extremely wide speaker

The wider frequency and bandwidth is provided by the light and flexible sound coil. This coil of sound is placed in a strong ferrite magnet, which controls its movement. The ribbon tweeter, along with the soft fabric, is already running at 2.5 kHz. The centre and subwoofers were also given separate space. The bass reflex port is located behind the speakers, making the timing between the subwoofer and the bass port ideal.

Rubicon 6 pair-back

The gold-plated metal connectors on the back offer an extremely stable connection. Also replaced by a dual bass reflex port on the back, which promises very respectable power, so the manufacturer recommends placing the speakers at a minimum distance of 20 to 100 cm from the walls for optimal performance and sound.

When placing the Rubicon 6 speaker, be aware that it requires relatively large space. There is a need for air space also around it for optimal performance. 4 adjustable pins and rubber feet are also included with the speakers. The pins need to be mounted by ourselves, which is definitely recommended as the speaker is quite unstable on the rubber feet. The MDF wood fiber speaker housing guarantees low resonance and vibration resistance. And the unique tweeter setting also reduces resonances and results in extended sound.

Dali Rubicon 6 floorstanding speakers full size

The Dali Rubicon 6 floorstanding speakers were tested in a home theatre where the walls and ceiling had already been acoustically treated. We tested the monitors with a Pioneer SC-LX801 amplifier and a Marantz PM7005 stereo amplifier. We first watched the 2019 sci fi, adventure movie Ad Astra, which is produced and, by the way, starred by Brad Pitt. The 3D sound was extraordinary, we got a really wide, realistic stage picture, the sound was smooth and clear. We had detailed and good dynamics during screening.

After that, we also tested the speakers for music. We listened to the success hit by Tiesto, Business. Purity, balanced mid-ranges – the brand’s strength is its flawless mid-range frequencies – sharp, clear high tones characterised Dali’s sound production. The basses were good too, but to weak for our taste; it doesn’t hurt to use a subwoofer for someone who craves really percussive, wall-shattering deep sounds. Even at high volumes, the balance of the ranges was maintained, and the high sounds were incredibly clear and sharp this time again.


We were not disappointed with the sound of the Rubicon 6 speaker model. The amazing clarity, detail, vivid high tones, perfect mid-ranges were enchanting. The basses seemed strong enough, though we could have had even more percussive basses with a subwoofer in our opinion. The exterior design is elegant and flawless. These speakers can truly replace any decorations in our room. Premium quality raw materials and components were used for manufacture. (Dali products are made in Denmark, which is important for quality, as several competing brands make speakers in China, often using cheaper parts.) The high price can be a disadvantage, moreover, the relatively large space required may not be convenient for all. The fact that the grille covering the speakers is fixed with screws is rather unusual and otherwise aesthetically not pleasing. But apart from that, anyone who chooses this type of speakers can be for the most satisfied with the sound.

Pacing of the speakers requires special attention in order to achieve sound close to ideal. Be sure to consider the type, size, and purpose of the speakers you buy. And in the case of Rubicon 6, it is especially important not to place them directly against the wall!

Acoustic treatment should also be considered in the room, as even the best quality audio and hi-fi devices that produce the best sound quality cannot produce the expected sound if the walls, ceiling and other large empty surfaces of the room or studio have no proper acoustic treatment. Reflections, inadequate reverberation time, disproportionate basses, all result in degradation of the sound quality.


Written by Róbert Polgár

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