Testing The Samsung Premiere LSP9T Projector

Samsung’s ultra-short-range 4K triple laser light source projector has won the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Innovation Award. The LSP9T is the world’s first HDR10 + rated projector. It can project an image of up to 330 cm.

Top model

LSP9T projector

The Premiere LSP9T projector has a brightness of 2800 lumens and the manufacturer promises a lifespan of 20,000 hours. It offers an extremely wide range of colours and is HDR10, HDR10 + and HLG compatible. It gives a perfect 4K image even at the maximum image size. The sleek, sleek-looking white projector has rounded corners, and the built-in speakers are covered in grey fabric. The dimensions of the compact device are 550x128x367 mm and it weighs 11.5 kg. On the back of the projector there are 3 HDMI (one of which is eARC compatible), USB 2.0, LAN, digital optical TOSLINK audio outputs, which transmits Dolby Atmos audio tracks without loss, as well as Wifi5 and Bluetooth connection.

Samsung Premiere back

Ethernet connection is available to link to the Internet. Built-in Bluetooth headphones and voice control (Android / Apple AirPlay / Built-in Bixby system) support are also included in the projector’s features. Samsung Galaxy phones can also be connected for streaming. The video streaming APP is also supported by the projector, so there are no barriers to reach out for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV … etc. services. The smart remote fits well in the hand with a logical layout. The menu is clear and the projector itself is really quick and easy to install. The projector’s noise level is 32 dB.

Built-in audio system

LSP9T audiosystem

The designers of the Samsung Premiere really thought of everything when manufacturing the device. The projector is also equipped with high-performance, built-in speakers, and the 40-watt, 4.2-channel audio system with Acoustic Beam technology delivers surround sound through 22 slots. You can also place the projector directly on the wall.

Why choose laser projectors instead of traditional projectors?

One of the most important aspects is environmental protection. In contrast to mercury-burning devices, laser projectors can be considered environmentally friendly. Another advantage of laser projectors is that there is no need to replace bulbs, so maintenance time and cost are significantly lower, and projectors also have a much longer lifespan than their traditional counterparts. Thanks to the closed optical system, the dust does not damage the laser projectors, their energy consumption and noise level are low.

Laser technology-DLP,RGB

Laser projectors require less cooling. There is no need to worry about overheating, so they can even be operated continuously and used in any position. They can be used immediately, no need to wait for the device to warm up. The brightness can also be adjusted between 20-100%, depending on the ambient conditions. When these factors are taken into account, a laser projector no longer seems that much expensive compared to traditional incandescent projectors. Unfortunately, laser projectors also have drawbacks. Due to the DLP optical system, colours sometimes blur a bit and the black levels are not intense enough. Dark scenes are greyer — mostly in HDR.

Premiere LSP9T

Thanks to the triple laser construction, we can expect an increased colour range and higher brightness. With this technology, red, green, and blue lasers create the image without having to transmit it to a colour wheel like other DLP projectors.

LSP9T pictures

This high-purity laser transmission mode also increases brightness, which really matters especially for high-dynamic range, higher-intensity sources (HDR). Samsung’s fantastic projector can also be used in daylight. The RGB laser system offers an extreme colour range, with the projector covering 106% of the BT2020 HDR colour range and 143% of the DCI-O3 colour gamut used in digital cinemas using a 16-bit 3D colour map. Thanks to HDR10 + support, higher contrast, more detailed, more intense dark images are available. Native 4K imaging is also realised, thanks to Texas Instruments dual flash technology. Images are sharp even when moving with the optimal motion processing system.

Projector test
Samsung-Premiere-LSP9T-projector full size

The top-of-the-line projector We tried it in a 35-square-foot movie room. In addition to premium quality audio and hi-fi equipment and comfortable furniture in the room, the acoustics were almost flawless, thanks to the thick acoustic panels placed on the walls, ceiling and thick curtains in front of the windows.

We screened the sci-fi adventure film The Dark Tower, released in 2017. The projector produced an excellent image, although we wouldn’t have mind an even stronger, deeper black level in the dark parts.

The LSP9T has several setting modes. In Movie or Filmmaker Mode, we experienced the more grayscale that occurs in dark scenes. In Bright or Normal mode contrasts were better because the DynamicBlack function enhances dark video signals, increasing bright areas. Skin colour and other subtle colours lose subtle nuances. What was a pleasant surprise was the detailed sound produced by the built-in speakers. The bass was limited, but the truth is, anyone who doesn’t have a financial problem building a serious home theatre system will probably not forget to purchase premium quality speakers either. As a projector, sound isn’t the primary function of the Premiere either, but compared to that, it produces really detailed sounds.


The LSP9T projector already promises to be top-notch at a glance, and its features make it a revolutionary new device. The design is beautiful, the white colour radiates elegance; nevertheless, a white projector may be considered awkward by some in a darkened movie room.

The device, which can also project a huge image, projects also excellent images in the dark, in daylight or under lamp light. With its brightness, stunning colours and the modern image processing technology it is equipped with, the LSP9T is approaching the level of the latest television sets.

This laser projector does not use a colour wheel, therefore, there is a rainbow effect sometimes, the black / dark colours are not deep enough, but this is not surprising with DLP laser projectors. The price tag is at a premium, anyone who wants such a top tool has to stretch the pocket pretty wide to that price.


Written by Róbert Polgár

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