Magnat Monitor Supreme 2002 Test

The German Magnat brand was founded by Rainer Haas in 1973. The company’s success is based on the continuous development of its products and technology. These speakers are characterised by their elegant appearance and perfect sound quality, and their impressive performance is available at competitive prices. We have tested and analysed the Magnat Monitor Supreme 2002.

Magnat-Monitor-Supreme-2002-1024x576Clean design and modern technology


First, let’s look at the technical information. The Magnat Monitor Supreme 2002 weighs just 23 kilograms. Its dimensions are 267 millimetres wide, 1080 millimetres high and 335 millimetres deep. The speakers are protected by fabric. The frequency response is between 18 and 40,000 hertz, the power is 225 or 450 watts, while the impedance ranges from 4 to 8 ohms. In addition, the Magnat Monitor Supreme 2002 is a three-way bass reflex design speaker housed in a sturdy MDF cabinet. Also, let’s take a look at the diameters, which will ensure the ideal sound. The tweeter diameter is 1×25 mm, the midrange 1×170 mm and the woofer 2×200 mm.

The Magnat Monitor Supreme 2002 is inexpensive, nevertheless, delivers excellent performances

Monitor Supreme is currently the most popular Magnat range. This is no coincidence: having a decent price tag, the sound is surprisingly good. Not only does it sound great, but it also has a stylish look. In the case of the redesigned shape, the change is clearly visible in the MDF baffle construction, as well as the rounded shapes, the binding posts and the new bass reflex socket. In addition, accuracy throughout the entire frequency range and dynamic basses are the hallmarks of the soundbar. The Magnat Monitor Supreme 2002 is characterised by a minimalist and modern design, with a clean front panel, a unique stand and a discreet branding.

We also listened at work

This speaker is great for watching movies and listening to music. It is the perfect choice for both tasks, delivering intense and accurate bass tones as well as a dynamic sound. The sound is perfect in all directions. It filled the room beautifully. There was no excessive high or low bass. Certainly, it is a class of its own.

Worth filling up before buying


What we heard from the Magnat Monitor Supreme was a clear sound at all volumes and ranges, both when listening to music and watching movies, and in the latter case, full bodied dialogues. And thanks to the bass driver, the lows are extremely powerful, intense and tight. Ideal for medium to large sized living rooms. These are the rooms where it can deliver the maximum performance. Of course, in order for the equipment to deliver truly outstanding performances, it is essential that the rooms are acoustically treated. This means taking measurements to determine exactly what type of panels should be installed and where in the room. If this is not done, then the performance of the equipment will be severely compromised by echoes and reflections.


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