We all want the comfort of our home not to be disturbed by the noise from the neighbor. This is especially true for panel homes and condominiums, however, garden houses are no exception – residents of the garden city are very familiar with when the weekend break is interrupted by the sound of lawn mowers early in the morning. However, with a few simple tricks, we can do a lot to soundproof our home.

Proper arrangement of furniture


If you may not have enough sound insulation in your new apartment, and for some reason the neighbors are unfamiliar with the concept of the private sphere, or if you live in a busier place, the appropriate furnishing of the apartment can help a lot. We must have all noticed that we don’t have to live in a spacious villa for the empty rooms to resonate. Miraculously, however, it disappears immediately after furnishing. This is because the furniture absorbs sound waves.

However, the layout can greatly enhance this. Living rooms, for example, where there is a row of cabinets against a mere wall and a large wall area left free, are much less protected from noise pollution. So if we want our home to be as quiet as possible, it’s worth not cluttering our furniture in part. Furniture arranged along the wall, so to speak “in a circle”, helps to absorb sound waves better, not to mention that with this arrangement our home will be more spacious.

Furniture types

In terms of sound insulation, two types of furniture really help protect against noise pollution. In the case of solid furniture, such as tables or chairs, it is best to prefer pieces that are thicker and less dense in this design. So a glass table with futuristic paper-thin metal legs doesn’t really help with this problem, but a wooden table with a larger surface area does. The other type that really matters a lot is hollow pieces of furniture. Cabinets, chests of drawers, multi-faceted TV tables, and more. In general, the more such separated parts on a given piece of furniture, the more it protects against unwanted noise. So if we know which of our neighbors is loudest the most, it’s definitely worth putting the closet line toward them.

When that doesn’t help either…

While cabinets may well eliminate louder arguing neighbors, with a professional sound insulation or sound absorption, nothing can be achieved. However, it is not absolutely necessary to insulate the entire apartment if we do not have a suitable framework for this. A couple of acoustic panels, even installed next to a row of cabinets, can already keep neighbors away from Sunday’s family lunch – it’s definitely worth thinking about as well. But don’t just think about the walls. We can also continue to absorb sound on the ground. It is advisable to place acoustic carpets on empty surfaces and soundproof curtains on the windows. This greatly affects our sense of comfort. For those who live in a panel home, this can be downright life-saving. Of course, it is worthwhile to find out carefully what sound insulation is best for us in such cases. However, such partial sound insulation is already quite inexpensive to implement – especially in smaller apartments, where it is not necessary to use different panels on too large an area.

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