We tested the Denon AVR-X3600 H 9.2 channel AV receiver home theater amplifier!

DENON AVR-X3600H amplifier

We have tested the Denon AVR-X2600H amplifier before, so we were interested to see what more would the newer AVR-X3600 H give us. Compared to its predecessor, this amplifier has new features and took on some extra weight, but the price remains relatively affordable.

Aesthetic design, many functions

The housing has a solid, clean, aesthetic design, it seems that premium quality raw materials have been used in its production. The 12.1 kg audio device’s front panel features a large LCD display featuring white digits and letters easy to see from a distance. With the left dial you shall select the sources, and with the large dial on the right adjust the volume, all other keys are rectangular.

Denon AVR-X3600H back panel

The front panel has 1 digital HDMI, 1 analog composite video, RCA and USB inputs, as well as headphone and built-in microphone jacks. The rear panel features 11 pairs of speaker outputs, a wired Ethernet port, an FM / Am antenna, a 12 V trigger, and RS-232 connectors. Naturally, digital HDMI and analog composite and component video inputs and outputs, as well as stereo RCA and moving magnetic phono inputs, are all there thanks to the engineers. The device also has LAN, Wifi and Bluetooth connections. The sockets can also accept banana plugs and bare cables. The many connectors are arranged in a logical setting. The 32-bit AKM AK4458 / VN digital-to-analog converter is capable of decoding music files without loss, and can also play FLAC, WAV, 24 bit / 192 kHz, 2.8 15.6 MHz DSD files. The IR (infrared) remote control is equipped with medium-sized, beautifully arranged, colour-coded soft buttons. Unfortunately, the remote control is not backlit, only the two buttons on the top (Main, Zone2) have backlight.


Denon AVR-X3600H inside

Thanks to the Denon -X3600HA 9-channel power amplifier, it is also possible to build a 7.22 or 5.2.4 system. Through 11-channel signal processing, even a 7.2.4 system can be built in combination with an external amplifier. The surround effect is provided by the 3D formats: Dolby Atmos, DTS: X, DTS Virtual: X and the upgradeable Dolby Atmos Virtualization technology. The Denon AVR-X3600 H is also available in 4K Ultra HD resolution. Audyssey MultiEQ XT32, Sub EQ HT, and Audyssey MultiEQ Editor shall help you with setup. The amplifier supports ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and also has IMAX Enhanced sound quality and correction. Apple AirPlay2 and built-in Internet radio also provide the ability to stream music. (Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer) Amazon Alexa is also available (requires Amazon Echo) to control key features with voice control. The AVR-X3600 has a H frequency transfer value of 10 Hz to 100 kHz. Two more remote applications, AVR Remote and HEOS functions can also be downloaded for use on iOs, Android based devices such as mobile phones or tablets.


Setting up the Denon amplifier is extremely simple and quick, we managed to set it up in about 15 minutes. We tried the AVR-X3600 H paired with Genelec 8050A studio monitors in a 20-square-foot living room with sound-absorbing and diffuser panels on the walls and sound-absorbing curtains in front of the windows to optimise the sound of the home theatre system. We started our test by screening a tense, depressing and creepy American thriller from 2010, Shutter Island, starring the amazing actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The Denon AVR-X3600 H delivered dynamic, accurate and clear sound featuring 3D, lifelike effects. The dialogues were clear and resonated well. We were also pleased with the sound of the 2019 action comedy Men in Black – International, even at high volumes we witnessed clear and natural sounds. The sound surrounded us, providing a realistic, accurate dynamic experience for the amplifier and őair of speakers.

We went on with music this time listening to the theme song of the fantasy series Game of the Thrones. All sound stages had been nicely executed, the Denon testified for a great performance, although the stereo sound was far from being perfect! Compared to the Marantz amplifier, the AVR-XA3600 H produced clearly weaker stereo sound, which was most noticeable in the case of high tones; the music was less detailed and natural than we would have expected. (However, we shall note to Denon’s advantage that this is a mid-range amplifier, while the Marantz is a much more expensive audio instrument!)

Our opinion

The Denon AVR-X3600H amplifier is made of high quality materials and is an attractive looking audio device. It has several interesting features and supports the latest video technologies. It provides a clean, surround sound and the price is reasonable. However, stereo sound is not among the “strength” of this amplifier. In our opinion, the stereo sound is weaker, less natural and not detailed enough, but in this price range, the Denon AVR-X3600H is the champion for the time being!


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