We have tested the Marantz PM7000N network stereo receiver!

Marantz PM7000N

The Marantz PM7000N stereo receiver is primarily designed for network playback. The 10.8 kg metal housing is extremely rugged, able to minimise resonances. Its design reflects well the style of the Marantz brand. It is available in both classically elegant silver and black finishes. (Honestly, the exterior we may expect from the manufacturer already seems a bit boring to us, maybe it’s time for Marantz to bring some innovation to the exterior design as well.)

Connectors, inputs, outputs…

Marantz PM7000N front panel

The information is displayed on a white LED display on the front panel. On / off, volume and source selector, Direct input selector buttons and headphone jack are located on the front panel along with other standard buttons. The plastic buttons honestly looks cheap. On the back you will find Wifi and Bluetooth antennas, a Phono input for playing vinyl records, and a number of connectors and inputs. It has 1 digital coaxial, 2 optical, USB-A, Ethernet, 2 RCA inputs, 2 Recorder In-Out connectors (for tape recorders), 1 subwoofer output.

Marantz PM7000N back panel

The brass speaker connectors have been given a thick nickel coating, providing a very stable connection. The manufacturer also thought of pairing the device with other Marantz audio devices using the Remote Control socket. Unfortunately, the USB asynchronous input was omitted by the manufacturer. The remote control is made of the usual elongated, rectangular shape, brushed plastic.


Marantz PM7000N inside

Peeking inside the amplifier, you can see a bulky toroidal transformer, and cooling is provided by large heat sinks. It is capable of 2 × 60 Watt at 8 Ohm and 2 × 80 Watt at 4 Ohm. Asahi – Kasei AK4490 EQ DAC chip controls the device, digital connectors and formats are handled by Cirrus Logic CS4398. The HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) circuit for the Phono and preamplifiers guarantees excellent sound quality.

Marantz Current Feedback

Marantz Current Feedback amplifiers minimize negative feedback, making the signal path easier, and thanks to the high baud rate, you can enjoy excellent sound at full bandwidth and expect overload protection.

Music is the answer!

Music streaming is also possible, with plenty of options: Tuneln, Internet Radio, Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, Amazon Prime Music, TIDAL, plus AirPlay2, Bluetooth and HEOS. The Marantz stereo amplifier is capable of decoding high-definition audio ALAC, FLAC, WAV files up to 24 bit / 192 kHz, DSD up to 2.88 MHz and 5.6 MHz. You can connect to the network with the Ethernet cable and it is ready for commissioning. It can even be controlled from a phone using the HEOS application. (which has often proved to be better and smoother compared to the remote control.)

Audio test

The testing was performed in a 25 square meters living room with ideal acoustics. Sound-absorbing and diffuser panels on the living room wall ensured optimal sound quality, and bass traps in the corners tamed the strong basses.

We started listening to music thanks to Miley Cyrus’s pop hit Midnight Sky. We experienced a wide stage image, dynamic sound, and the device provided balanced performance. We continued with the song from Swedish House Maffia Save the World. The amplifier produced a clear and detailed sound, although the lowest bass frequencies and top trebles seemed a little subdued, the mid-bass and mid tones sounded slightly prominent. Finally, we chose a really percussive style of music. We listened to the Metallica band’s 2019 live concert in Manchester. The stage image was voluminous again, the instruments were in place, we could distinguish each of them separately. In the case of the lowest and upper ranges, we have also experienced some restraint, but this may only appear to audio experts with no tin ears. We witnessed very good dynamics and details, and were absolutely happy with the stereo sound.

Our opinion

The Marantz stereo receiver is recommended for those who prefer network playbacks. The sleek body of the device made of premium materials ensures resonance-free operation. Its performance is also adequate, you can’t even complain about the sound. The stage image is wide, the sound dynamic and rich in details. As a critique, perhaps we would only mention the excessive “modesty” of the lowest and highest frequencies. Overall, we could try a great little device, giving the Marantz amp a score of 4.5 out of 5 points.


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