Sports and music

listening music during sport

Regular sports and exercise are important for our health. We can choose from a wide variety of sports to suit our abilities and tastes. There are team sports, but you can also choose a form of movement that can be done individually.

Listening to music while exercising increases the effectiveness of dancing, aerobics, gym training, running, or cardio workouts. Physical exercises performed to the rhythm of the music are much more effective, according to research than training without music.

Depending on the type of exercise, we have different genres and dynamics of music. It doesn’t matter what music we choose for which sport!

The rhythm of the music

When performing more intense, faster forms of movement, it is advisable to listen to more dynamic, fast-paced songs. Faster music even gives the rhythm of the exercises. With the right music, we can move more energetically and in a better mood. We get tired later, we can do more intense exercises for a longer time. During running, aerobics, or cardio workouts, music with a faster rhythm can be used.

For slower, more relaxed-paced sports, less dynamic melodies are appropriate. An example is a yoga, which not only trains the body but also maintains the soul. This is why a harmonious, calm rhythm is important, which even promotes meditation.

Acoustics are also important during sports!

If you play music to music indoors, you should also consider the acoustics of the room. If we neglect the acoustic treatment, the music will be echoed, and noisy, which can make us nervous, tense in the long run, or even lead to headaches.

acoustics of a sport hall

Gyms, dances, and gyms usually have large, flat surfaces. Hard walls, ceilings, glass, and floor surfaces reflect the sounds, creating an echo that greatly distorts the sound of the music. To avoid this, be sure to place acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling that eliminate echo and provide a clear, distortion-free sound. If the room has a lot of glass space, special acoustic curtains can eliminate acoustic problems.

Workout indoors or outdoors?

It is preferable to do some sports outdoors, but due to the weather, indoor training is gaining ground. Not only can we exercise in gyms, but we can also exercise in our own home if we have no other option.

Outdoor exercise is healthiest when done in fresh, clean air. Unfortunately, in cities with smog, and polluted air, we can sometimes do more harm to our health by, for example, running or cycling.

The beneficial effects of music
effects of the music on sport

Music has a positive effect on the effectiveness of exercise and also increases our mood for sports. Music distracts us from bad thoughts as well as fatigue. If we do the exercises more cheerfully and enthusiastically, we can achieve the desired result sooner. Use acoustic panels and diffusers to eliminate distorted and reverberant sound for the perfect experience and result. SzG

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