We tested the Dynavoice CL-28 floor-standing speakers!

The Classic series from the Swedish company Dynavoice consists of three speakers, the CL-16, the CL-26 and the largest model, the CL-28. The manufacturer has also paid a lot of attention to the design of the speakers, its sound rivals the quality of the much more expensive speakers. Dynavoice was founded in 1975 by Tommy Wadensten as a small family business called JWS, and the same JWS later became today’s Dynavoice and has been continuously developing their products ever since.


In 1980, JWS opened its first factory in Sweden, and in 1999, the GeneXXa Unique 5000 model became a great success in Sweden. The Dynavoice brand was introduced in 2003. The Classic series were released in 2020, consisting of three models: a bookshelf speaker and two standing speakers. In addition to traditional speakers, Dynavoice also manufactures subwoofers and bluetooth speakers. The primary aspects of production are good quality, rugged design, excellent sound quality and an affordable price. Our test has shown that the company is moving in the right direction, frankly we didn’t expect such a super sound at this price, so the CL-28 delivers what it promises.

Dynavoice CL-28 specifications

The three-way floorstanding speaker is equipped with two 2 203 mm paper diaphragm subwoofers, one 1 127 mm paper diaphragm centre speaker and a 25 mm textile dome tweeter. It has a load capacity of 200/300 Watts, frequency transmission: 38 Hz-20 kHz, crossover frequencies: 800 and 2500 Hz, impedance: 4 Ohm, sensitivity 88 dB, dimensions 245 x 1080 x 300 mm and weight 23.6 kg.

Other information


The Dynavoice CL-28 floor-standing speakers are only available in walnut and black, and the protective fabric on the front side is either dark or retro grey – the manufacturer having in mind that these colours would be easy to fit the style of our homes. The side panels of the housing are made of thick MDF, and the stiffening and resonance damping materials inside ensure clear sounds. The speakers stand stably, has M8 fittings, and the soft soles that can be mounted also provide resonance attenuation and stability.

On the back of the CL-28 are two bass reflex powers with rounded edges and very long built-in tubes. The speakers also have 4 gold-plated connectors, and feature a die-cast aluminium basket and a reinforced magnetic system.

When choosing speakers, consider how much room you are going to use them for, and for what purpose. You need different speakers to listen to music or watch a movie, and a different type, if you want to use them for studio work.


When testing the Dynavoice Classic CL-28, the main focus was on the bass range, although deep sounds could have been slightly more percussive. Detail and finesse were not too real either, but the momentum and dynamics were convincing. The sound filled the space nicely, even in larger rooms. For optimal sounding, we recommend to install them in a room of at least 30 square meters. It is very important to provide acoustic treatment of the walls, ceiling, windows and floor surfaces in the room where the speakers are placed. If you don’t deal with the acoustic issues of the room, you will be disappointed in the sound of your audio and hi-fi devices. The most common problem is usually the echoes caused by sounds reflected from hard, flat surfaces that significantly degrade the music or movie experience. Echo cancellation requires special products developed for acoustic purposes. With acoustic sound-absorbing and diffuser panels, thick, densely woven acoustic curtains, and acoustic mats, proper acoustics can be achieved.

We started the test with classical music, listening to Mozart’s Symphony No. 39. The Dynavoice provided a surprisingly nice and clean sound, even throughout the room. We missed a bit of fine details we used to experience in case of more expensive speakers. (e.g. for the Focal Chora 826-floor-standing speaker.) Regardless of these flaws, the momentum and strength were adequate. Switching to more modern rhythms, we listened to Dua Lipa’s hit Love Again. We were absolutely pleased with the performance of the CL-28, although the deepest sounds could have been even more intense. A 27-square-foot living room provided the site for our tests, where broadband panels and diffuser-front acoustic panels on the walls managed ideal acoustics. We connected the pair of speakers to a Marantz receiver.


The Swedish manufacturer truly exposed itself when it designed the Classic series. The speakers have been given an aesthetic, slightly retro look perhaps, but they are by no means fashionable. Unfortunately it is only available in two colours; an additional colour such as white would have been a choice for many. These Swedish speakers delivered intense deep, extensive middle and detailed high ranges. Sound could have been a little more balanced in our opinion, and we also missed the fine details at times. Basses were more muscular, even at the lowest ends, than delivered by some rival brands’ products. We recommend it mostly for medium or large rooms. The CL-28 is a great choice for those who want better than average sound at an affordable price.


Written by Róbert Polgár

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