Ozone disinfection of elements

You don’t have to worry about the Coronavirus!

The time has come to disinfect all acoustic panels. Unfortunately, the coronavirus is spreading around the world, and it is our heart to stop it. Our products are completely virus-free with pre-packaging and post-packaging ozone disinfection!

Ozone disinfection of acoustic panel
Ozone disinfection of acoustic panel (2)

Coronavirus indeed lives on solid bodies for up to 12 hours and softer tissues for up to 6 hours. Consequently, there would be no need for disinfection.
But since we are talking about a pandemic and people are afraid, so we are sure !! Perfect Acoustic already ships to all EU countries and we don’t want anyone to be afraid of getting infected

Ozone disinfection of acoustic panel (2)

What is ozone disinfection !?

Ozone disinfection is done using an ozone generator. Ozone is a very powerful disinfectant. It is not necessary to remove objects for ozone treatment, therefore, where air enters, it will disinfect and destroy harmful microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and molds – without damaging the equipment.
The great advantage of ozone disinfection is that it does not leave behind harmful or toxic substances such as chlorine.
Another great advantage is that it is rapidly degraded and converted to pure oxygen (O2). During the disinfection process, at the end of the disinfection cycle, the ozone generator is used to decompose the ozone into pure oxygen, so that at the end of the treatment the room or its contents:

Effect of Ozone on Bacteria and Viruses:

The extremely strong bactericidal, antiviral effect of ozone is due to the oxidizing effect of the active oxygen produced by the ozone that separates. Ozone breaks down the cell membrane of bacteria when it comes into contact with the cell wall. Contact with explosive oxidation reaction creates a hole in the cell wall. The bacterium begins to lose its shape as ozone molecules create additional holes in the cell wall. In a fraction of a second, thousands of ozone molecules collide with the bacterial cell wall and the cell dies. Ozone molecules damage the virus by making it unable to infect additional cells, ie, to transmit the infection.

Ozone disinfection of acoustic panel
Ozone disinfection of acoustic panel

Ozone disinfection of acoustic panel and process

Acoustic panels made by Perfect Acoustic are stored in a warehouse before packaging. In our warehouse, we place a high-performance ozone generator between the end-of-day acoustic panels, which operates for 1 hour. (ozone kills all bacteria and viruses in 7 minutes)
After ozone treatment, ozone decomposes in half an hour and becomes oxygen !!
In acoustic panels, ozone does not harm and remains odorless. After disinfection, you receive a thin nylon foil and packing can begin.
After packaging, the acoustic panels are re-disinfected for bacterial delivery to the courier. The handover is done in gloves, mask,s and protective clothing, so let’s try to prevent the coronavirus from spreading in the world!

In the case of quarantines and border closures, the delivery of packages may be delayed by weeks.

We cannot accept responsibility for the delay in delivery! SzG

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