Surely everyone is aware of the importance of insulation for the walls and roof structure of houses. However, many people pay enough attention to thermal insulation alone, and sound insulation is somehow out of the spectrum. However, the two are not so far apart, as most materials used in thermal insulation also have sound-insulating properties. If, on the other hand, the comfort of our home is really important to us, it is worth considering more carefully what we choose.

Hungarocell – or not?

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Perhaps one of the most common thermal insulation materials used for exterior walls is styrofoam. We are talking about a first-class material in the field of thermal insulation, but in sound insulation it does not carry the palm. Although it is a fact that a thick layer of styrofoam on the wall significantly attenuates outdoor noise, there are also much better materials on the market in this area. As with thermal insulation, it is not necessarily the most common because it is the best available. Styrofoam is relatively cheap and easy to work with – which is why it is so widespread in the construction industry. In contrast, rock wool has similarly good, and in some cases even better, thermal insulation properties, while it far outperforms the former.

However, it also comes at a higher price, but it can also help a lot in protecting against noise pollution. Although some may only know about the construction industry in terms of thermal insulation, it has long been used by professional sound studios because of its sound-insulating properties. So it’s worth exploring the topic a bit, especially if you’ve bought a house in a noisier neighborhood, such as downtown.

Perfect silence in our home


However, there are those for whom rock wool does not provide adequate protection against noise. For a variety of offices and homes where important business phones are not uncommon, there is an even more efficient solution. This is the use of various special acoustic elements as external sound insulation in addition to rock wool. With such double protection, our home is guaranteed to be an island of peace and tranquility, even when hell has just broken out. And this is especially important for those who also have an office in their home. However, this can still be done.

Internal sound insulation

In extreme cases, sound insulation can be applied to the inner wall in addition to the above. In the case of studios, this is quite typical, but even if we were to open a nightclub, we would still be able to save ourselves a lot of later conflicts. So there are quite a few opportunities to keep the private atmosphere of our home even in the noisiest neighborhood. However, they further increase the value of our property, which is not a negligible fact if we decide to sell it in the future. However, it is not worth choosing such products blindly, as we may easily spend unnecessarily. Unfortunately, most masons aren’t really aware of the various acoustic things, so it’s definitely worth turning to professional acoustic help for that matter.

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