In the past, curtains used to play a key role in shading technology, but today we also have more effective tools for this, such as shutters, blinds, blinds, and so on. However, the curtains have not disappeared from our homes, which is due to their clear aesthetic role: they quasi-dress the apartment. However, for this to be a real advantage, it is important to know which curtain has a role, what to expect from it, and what fits what.

What kind of curtains do we usually use?

Two types of curtains are most common in households: translucent, blackout curtains, and acoustic and door curtains.

Translucent curtains


The light-transmitting curtain minimally filters out the natural light coming in from outside. Its role, in addition to making the environment more beautiful, lies primarily in limiting insight from the outside. However, this can only prevail in daylight; if it is already dark outside, but the lamp in the house is lit, it can be seen through the light-transmitting curtain without any problems. It is therefore used primarily for aesthetic reasons. It is very diverse, with patterns, and shapes available, of course with different suspension modes, so everyone can find something that fits into their home.

Blackout drapes/curtains are also acoustic curtains

The other frequently used curtains are blackouts, which is a much more interesting topic, as there is a great variety of them in terms of their function. Blackout curtains can be one that simply dims the incoming light, that is, allows it to pass through to some degree, but we can also list our sound-absorbing door curtains hereby significantly filtering it out. At the same time, there are so-called blackout curtains that are almost perfectly able to keep the daylight out, and if we pull them in without gaps, we can virtually conjure up night darkness in our apartment during the bright day. These materials contain a special layer that allows them to completely filter out light.

It is worth deciding for or against blackout depending on the function of the room where the curtain is placed. If it’s a bedroom, total darkness can be an important consideration, but if it’s a living room that may have street-front windows that you don’t want to see after dark, the other version is perfect. It is a solid material that obstructs vision almost completely, but light can pass through it.

Blackout drapes/curtains with extra features


Blackout curtains can also have other functions. One such example is the sound filtering capability, which means that a given curtain can effectively absorb noise from outside. These curtains are called soundproof curtains and can be useful in many cases.

For those who live in a noisy area, it may be advisable to place such curtains in front of the windows, as they can audibly reduce outdoor noise, allowing for a quieter rest and a more pleasant stay at home. Acoustic curtains can even be a good solution for space separation in an apartment, or if you need to create a quiet corner or room for work at home.

However, curtains with the right properties can also help make our home more insulated. The so-called thermal curtains are excellent for more drafted apartments, where energy modernization has not yet taken place, or it is not possible to achieve this in the foreseeable future.

It may be especially advisable to install thermal insulation curtains in front of older types of doors that do not have very good thermal insulation properties. These curtains grip the cover very effectively, so we can feel the apartment itself warmer, even near the losing windows of the doors. This can add a lot to keeping our heating bill lower, as it prevents heat from escaping the apartment easily, so less heating is needed.

Let’s combine practicality and beauty!

The very practical curtains listed above are, of course, available in different color and pattern versions to adapt to the interiors of individual-style apartments. So in addition to constantly trying to make our home more comfortable, we can also do a lot to make it more cozy and cozy.

It is worth browsing the offer thoroughly to find the ideal home textiles for us in all respects! SzG

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