Dali Spektor 2 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Thanks to its low price and pleasant, clean appearance, the Dali tripod speaker is excellent for an entry-level speaker, but can also be used for a home theatre system. We recommend it mainly for smaller rooms due to its compact size, as it is only 29 cm high and 4.2 kg. Available in walnut, white or black finishes, it fits easily into different interiors. We’ve had a chance to test Dali speakers before, and so far we’ve only had a positive experience with this brand.

The  main features of Dali Spektor 2


One of the members of the Spektor series of the Danish speaker company DALI, the Spektor 6 standing speaker won the 2017 EISA award of the European Audiovisual Association and the Spektor 2 won the British What Hi-Fi annual award. It is one of the best speakers in this price range.

The members of the Spektor series can be paired with almost any amplifier and still produce great sound. It is simple in appearance and clean. The design is thrown up by glossy hoops on the front panel, the protective silk on the front panel is not magnetic, it is fixed with screws, and not only can the speakers be placed on a stand or shelf, but we can also mount them on the wall. Thanks to the specially tuning, there is no need to adjust the crossover frequency.


The advantages of the brand’s red wood fiber membrane and strong magnetic drive are reflected in the sound quality, so the signal loss will be almost zero. The soft dome tweeter is very light, the funnel-shaped waveguide around it functions more as a design element. The Spektor 2 can also be used as a stereo or background speaker. The tweeter transmits the frequency range from 2.6 kHz to 26 kHz, and the centre speaker provides the frequency range from 2.6 kHz to 54 Hz.

spektor-2-back panel

The frequency response of Spector 2 is between 54 Hz and 26 kHz. The bass reflex opening on the back panel further enhances the sound, but should be placed at least 50 cm away from the wall. The speaker inputs can also be used with Y and banana connectors.

The center speaker, with its narrow, exclusive wood fiber membrane, provides clean and intense, low-frequency dynamics.

The manufacturer used a silk membrane to produce Dali Spektor 2’s tweeter. As a general rule, if the membrane is stiffer and lighter, the reproducible frequency will be higher. The optimal quality of the subwoofer membrane and minimised resonance are ensured by the combination of a paper cone and a certain amount of fibers. The speakers emit sounds at ear level in order to create the best possible listening position.

The Spektor 2 can be used as a two-channel speaker system, but wont get confused if part of a multi-channel configuration of a home theatre system.


The frequency range is 54 to 26,000 Hz, the sensitivity is 84.5 dB, the nominal impedance is 6 ohms, the maximum sound pressure (SPL) is 105 dB, the recommended amplifier power is 25 to 100 W, and the crossing frequency is 2600 Hz.

Sound performance

In terms of musical performance, Spektor 2 provided excellent reproduction of sounds. The sensitivity of Spektor 2 is slightly lower than expected (84.5dB) but surprisingly good. We tested the Spektor 2 in a smaller room, associating the small speakers with a Marantz SR6015 AV receiver. The acoustics of the room were not really ideal yet; based on our acoustic measurements, it really needed sound-absorbing and diffuser acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling, and on the hard tiled floor we recommended a thick, densely woven acoustic carpet.

The Dali Spektor 2 manufacturer did its homework, the sound was detailed and filled the space well, although we lacked a bit of airiness to the tones. Nevertheless, we experienced a dynamic and energetic sound. It performed in a balanced way in all frequency ranges. In our previous tests, we often found that speakers of a similar category emphasised either low, high, or mid frequencies, so the performance of the Spektor 2 was really convincing. We also got detailed and smooth sounds while watching movies and listening to music. The surrounding sound was okay, although it didn’t match the sound quality of the more expensive speakers, but we couldn’t have expected more at this price. Sometimes basses were a little weaker than they needed to be, but in general we assessed optimal quality of the bass.


These bass reflex-type bookshelf speakers stand out from similar speakers with their balanced, stable performance, excellent reproduction of music, fine sounds, and affordable price. One of its main benefits is that it retains a clear, dynamic sound when used with a receiver of any make and quality.

Recommended for those looking for affordable speakers that can provide excellent sounding, or for those who have a small space. This is an ideal entry-level speaker that, thanks to its compact size, can be easily placed in any smaller room. The sound diffusion ability of Spektor 2 is rather very good, which also adds to its reputation. In larger rooms, however, it would be harder for this two-way speaker to cope, so for rooms with space, it is better to choose larger and more powerful speakers.


Written by Róbert Polgár

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